Looking Into The Pool

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This is about dreams. Just read it to find out more.

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011



Looking Into The Pool By: Anonymous

It’s dark outside; you’re sitting on the cold ground, tears rolling down your face. As you turn your head you see a small pool of water that had been made by the previous rain storm. You get up and walk slowly towards it. Reaching your destination, you kneel down beside the pool. It’s crystal clear and you can see all the way to the rocky bottom. It’s so clear that you can see the reflection of yourself and the stars above with such vivid detail. You can even see the tear stains on your face; it’s that clear to you. A tear falls from your face and breaks through the peace of the Crystal pool. The ripples fan out like a choir in perfect harmony, and then they smack the edge of the pool breaking the emotional spell. You’ve been told that the thing you have always dreamed of will never come true, people tell you “It’s not likely, it’s totally impossible, you’re not good enough, why would they ever want you”. Those people just destroyed all your hope, all your dreams and all you’re belief. But you don’t have to let that happen. Anything is possible, just because time disagrees with you, just because it rarely has happened, just because you’ve been told that it’s impossible. JUST BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE ARE CRUEL AND WANT TO HURT YOU! Doesn’t mean you have to let go of the things you truly love. Whether it’s a Sweet young lady you meet at your church. Whether it’s a devoted young man you happened to meet in school, even wanting to be a Super Star, writer, fashion designer or a construction worker. Let your dreams fall into the pool, and then dive in after them. Once they reach the bottom they will bounce back up towards the stars. As they make their way up sparkling channel of water, make sure that the dream that meant the most to you is in the front. Let it hit the surface and burst to life, give your dreams a chance to come true. If you simply let them go because of other people knocking you down, you will never make it through, and your dreams will die, along with your hope. But only you can stop that from happening. Run, run after your dreams, and you will catch the one you need. It may not be what you fully expected, but it’s really what you need. So take the risk and dive into the pool, nobody knows what the future will hold, so don’t waste anymore precious time. Wonderful things are waiting for you in life’s journey; you will run into various troubles that will cause you to doubt your dreams. BUT DON’T LET THEM GO! Hold tight to the things you love. Nobody can take them from you. So my friend, start looking into the pool.

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