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It's really what i've been thinking about. Who am i? What do i need? what must i do? you'll see.

Submitted: May 07, 2012

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Submitted: May 07, 2012





Everyone has things they like to do. That might be drawing, singing, building, writing or even school! That’s all great, but what do you like to do? What would you want to do? Who would you like to be?


You can be whatever you want to be. This world is full of surprises, twists and turns that one might think they were in space just floating along trying to count the stars. Imagine you’re soaring through space, passing stars and planets.


Everything seems fine. You’re absolutely taken in by the beauty of the different planets and comets. You dodge asteroids in the asteroid fields; you spin around inside black holes. But then you see something in the distance.


The black hole that sucked you in thrusts you out into a pink and blue nebula. At first you were dazzled with the multicolored cloud, and then you realized how big the nebula is and how hard it is to see. You’ve lost your way.


Our lives our like nebulas. We’re born into a huge world. There are so many beautiful things in it, like the lilies along the bank, or the fragrance of a wet rose after an April shower. It’s purely breathtaking.


But then we get older. We grow and grow, learn and learn. And we realize that we’re lost. We find out that things aren’t as black and white as we thought they were. The people who you thought loved you and were closest to you leave you to die. You see that they shy and meek friends you do have drawn close to you and stayed with you.


In a way you’re going through a lot of bad stuff, but you come out stronger. You come out changed. You’ll go through tons of nebulas in your life. The trick is to find your way through and get back to stars and the open space. Get clear of the beautiful but yet deadly gas of the nebula. Find who you really are. Find what you really need. And the nebulas and asteroids will seem like little fireflies that can be pushed was with the wave of a hand.


Dream on :)

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