Our Conscience

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This a true story, but made it into a question type of thing. Do we have a conscience??

Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012



By: Anonymous

For most of my life I’ve known the difference between right and wrong. Most of us know the basics of this. But when we do something wrong do we really know what we’re doing? Sure we do things under the cover of darkness, but after the deed has been done what do we do? Do we go on as if nothing happened? Or do we recognize we sinned?

I guess what needs to be asked is “Do we have a conscience anymore?” We have gotten so used to doing wrong and sinning that our mind simply passes over the fact that we have killed our conscience. We all have somewhat of a conscience after all we have done, and sometimes you can hear it speaking to you in your mind.

With every week my conscience is slowly growing stronger and stronger. After I had afflicted self-harm on my arms I looked up, and saw my conscience. She was sitting in the oak tree I was under. Her brown fell to left side her face. Her white dress stood out against the leafy background. 

At first I thought she was a dream, but then I saw tears rolling down her cheeks. Then she spoke to me, “What have you done?” All of the sudden she was gone and I fell on my knees. Why did I do that? What have I done? Oh God I’m so sorry!

Has she ever shown up again? Yes she has, everyday she’s right there. I can feel her hands on my shoulders; I think she’s one of God’s angels. Sometimes she smiles, sometimes she weeps. Then I cry, because I’ve recognized that I did wrong, I sinned.

Listen to your conscience, it’s there for a reason; don’t kill it because “you” want something in your own time. I named my Conscience Faith; maybe if you had a name for yours, you might be spoken to more. God doesn’t like when we sin, but it’s not his fault. We have a choice, to sin, or to listen to God and our Conscience he planted it us.

Now I ask you, will you let your conscience speak to you just like Faith spoke to me? You’ll be surprised what happens when you let God work in you.

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