Parks Of Autumn

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This describes my love for a girl i don't even know. Or maybe i have met her i don't know. But this is for her.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012




Parks Of Autumn


I sit alone on a bench in the middle of a beautiful park. It was the middle of autumn and all the leaves had turned from green to a beautiful crispy yellow and orange. As I sit there, I can’t but dream that you’re sitting there with me. Your head on my shoulder and your hand in mine, we would sit there enchanted by the true love that we had for each other and watch the sunset.

Oh how I wish I wasn’t dreaming, all my life I haven’t felt brave at all. Only when I knew that somebody loved me could I create a smile. Seeing you walk down the autumn path with your hair waving in the wind brought so much joy and peace to my heart. In my darkest hour, you wouldn’t leave me. You’ve seen past my faults and loved me. I thank God that one day I will meet you there, wherever you are I will find you.

But who knows, maybe you’ll find me. You could be anywhere in the world, but I know the exact young lady I want. It has nothing to do with your physical beauty; it’s your heart that I admire. And it’s your heart I want to win. If you were swinging on the playground and you fell off, I would be right there to catch you when you fall.

Time together with you is always treasured in my heart. When we walk hand in hand in a wheat field reaching for the sun, I will always love you. When you’re in the hospital very sick, I will always love you. Till death do us part, but even after death a piece of your heart will still be back here with me. It’s what keeps me breathing. I can feel your love a hundred miles away, even when we are apart I still can dream of us in that park on a beautiful autumn afternoon.

So tell me darling, when autumn turns to winter and the hard and cold months begin, will you still love me? I know that’s very stupid to ask, but I would love to feel that you’re right here beside me when we are both snowed in and cannot leave out warm houses. But even in the freezing cold of winter I would run for a hundred years to reach you. Even though the parks of autumn have snow on their swings we don’t have to forget the magical times we had together.

Remember through the different seasons of the year my love for you will never change. I love you. See you in autumn.





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