Something Meaningful

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I have no life at all.... Its meaningless.. and i want to have something real.

Submitted: June 25, 2012

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Submitted: June 25, 2012



Something Real


Life, what is it? Where does it come from? How does it work? Why does it work? Is it even worth being alive if all you do is the same thing? Perhaps you have been asking some of these questions?

To be honest all those questions have answers that you have find, you’ll have to answer them. Nobody else can. Have you ever just felt sad one day because week after week you do the same stuff. Get up, do various jobs, eat, hang around etc. A person can only take so much of same old thing without feeling worthless, meaningless and without purpose. I know I do.

You may be searching for something new, something outside of your comfort zone? Something of value, something that isn’t just selfish acts? Maybe even something real?

But how does one find out what’s real, what’s true, what’s meaningful? Well it’s really different for everyone. However one thing is the same for every single one of us.


It’s taking that step, breaking the walls, speaking up. In order to get a life worth living, a meaningful life, you have to do things that you may too shy or uncomfortable doing, doing good things of course.

It might hurt, it’s certainly not safe, but if you want a change in your life, it’s something you have to do. For myself personally every hand that I’ve tried to hold lets me go. It hurts a lot, and sometimes I want to give up. Well here’s something for you, never ever stop trying to hold on to those hands.

Maybe you’re looking for that special someone to fill up some of your life, not all of it but the emotional and the privilege of loving someone and having them for your own. If your intentions are good and not selfish, God won’t stop you, he will help you, and if you’re really serious, your hands will meet and never let go. So to guys and girls out there looking and watching. Don’t stop trying to hold a hand. Pray about it though.

Maybe you’re looking for some really good friends to stick with you until the end, no matter the cost? It’s simple, you have to be bold. Don’t wait for them to make the first move, if you’re a shy person this will be difficult, but trust me it works. Be the first to say “Hello” and be the last to say “Goodbye”, you’ll be surprised by the amount of great friends you’ll meet. If you take that step outside of your comfort zone, you’ll have a little piece of life you thought you’d never have.

Ask questions, random or on a certain topic. You’ll get honest replies. So go ahead.

And last but certainly not least, maybe you’re looking for a savior? Someone who is there all the time? That’s Jesus people, he’s there now, and he will be there always. He is the key to having a meaningful life, and if you trust him, he will grant you your hearts most beautiful prayers and wishes. He helps those who come to him. You might not see immediate results, I know I haven’t haha. But we all have to be patient, pray, talk to him. He will reward you.

I personally have not found what I’m good for, or if anyone will ever love me, and call me their own, but I keep praying and watching. There will come a day.

And then you’ll have something real, something worth dying for, something for life.

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