Streetlights And Jazz Bands

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This is on my mind 24/7...I love her.

Submitted: May 13, 2012

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Submitted: May 13, 2012



Streetlights and Jazz Bands



I am stranded here, in a strange town for the night, and can’t find a place to stay. I’m all alone, wondering where I should go next. I walk the streets with my hood over my head. Like an introvert, I pull my hood over my eyes and hide my face from the world.


I can count the people going by as I sit on a bench next to the sidewalk. I stare in envy at the couples going by. Hand in hand they walk, eyes locked on the path in front of them. Oh Darling dear, I wish you were cause I’m so sick of being alone.


I walk past an enchanting Candy store. It’s so dreamy looking in and seeing the multi colored lollypops and saltwater taffy.  The bright pink and green, the swirl designs and the wavy shades of blue make it a modern day candy land.


Walking past the post office I see the mail go out. They’re all addressed to special people, oh Darling dear would you want to hear from me? As I walk the busy streets without your hand to hold, the Jazz Bands play the love song of the 60’s and everyone was dancing, oh Darling dear will you dance with me?


I feel so depressed, because you aren’t here with me. If you were walking across a bridge, and I was walking underneath. I ‘d wish you jumped so I could catch you. Oh Darling dear I wish you knew, I love you so much.


As I push my way through the crowds I run into the last thing I was expecting to find. She was beautiful, her hair swayed from side to side, she was dressed in the simplest outfit, my dear it was you.


We both turned around, and your eyes locked on mine. I met you there, standing there dumbstruck. My spirits lifted, we took hands and walked away into the crowd.


As we past various shops and restaurants you point out your favorites and drag me in to see the sights. I can tell it’s what you love to do. Just to walk and talk and to be together. Soon the crowds and the shops close and the bands stop playing, it’s just us along in the street.


All alone in the dark we dance under streetlights and watch the traffic lights change color.  I forget the last time I actually said I love you, it’s been that long. But even though the Jazz Bands have stopped playing, the music from your heart fills my ears, and I hear nothing else.



Now the sun is rising and a new day has begun. Now we must leave each other for a time, but soon the night will come again, and I’ll be dancing under the streetlights with you again. And that makes me feel alright.


I love you. (Whoever you are)

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