The Tears We Cry

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This really about how i feel a lot of the time. dont freak out on me.

Submitted: January 23, 2012

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Submitted: January 23, 2012



The Tears We Cry

By: Anonymous

Have you ever heard a scream? Have you ever broken stunning silence? Have you wanted to be the person you used to be? Maybe you have, maybe not.

Teens who are depressed often get treated like fragile and suicidal people. Why? Because people don’t want to feel guilty after that person no longer is alive. They pretend they care about you, they pretend to want to help. But as soon as you promise them you will stop cutting your arms to bits, they treat as if you’re alright. They leave you!

I am so sick of crying myself to sleep at night! Every single day I wake up and think that there still maybe hope, and then when the day is over I have cuts on my arms.

Your families, the people who are supposed to be closest to you accuse you of being moody and angry. They don’t even bother to ask you what’s wrong. Then once they see you have a gun to your head they finally shut up and listen. The tears we cry are worthless, all they bring is pain. People say crying is a good thing. Sometimes it can be. But whenever I cry I am known as a crybaby.

To create tears without thinking of the love and trust I once had. I take my knife and cut my arms and shoulders. When people cut they don’t do it to drink their blood or anything. They do it because they don’t want to think about everybody who they thought they could “trust”. They had faith at one point, they had belief. But the people they loved the most stole it from them. Now we hate ourselves and our lives were stuck in a hole, and we can’t get out.

The tears we cry, we love no more, were by ourselves, nobody is coming for us. The only time they’ll come for us is when we have to be buried.

I’m sick you all the lies, I’m sick of all the fake friends, I’m sick of life and I’m sick of YOU! The aim of this is not to scare people. It’s to show them that when they lie, and are twofaced. Somebody’s going break, I’m broken but not dead (Yet). I will not let people take other people down. I forgot what trust is, love is a horrible dream. JUST LET ME OUT! LET ME GO! I used to be an awesome guy, now I’m on the cliff of suicide. To all my friends out there don’t take this wrong. I’m not killing myself, but if I don’t get out. Still stay buried.

The tears we cry. SET US FREE!

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