To Jordyn

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This isn't a goodbye note Jordyn. well kinda, so dont forget me!!

Submitted: February 20, 2012

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Submitted: February 20, 2012



I met you in the 3rd grade and I hated you. I would call you names and push you around; it was actually kind of funny.

I made your life miserable, always bothering you about whatever I could think up. I remember you crying a little and screaming at me, I actually almost stopped.

After 3rd grade I never saw you again, I completely forgot about you and your pigtails. Six years went by and I never thought about you, I forgot you existed. Six years of nobody to bully.

Those were the worst six years of my life, I guess I missed you. But I forgot who I missed. In 2011 I saw a name on a list of players for a team, “Jordyn Richardson”. I thought to myself “Do I know that name?”  For two weeks I waited and wondered who it was that had echoed in my mind.

Those were the two most annoying weeks of my life. I couldn’t remember who I had known that had that name. Maybe some kid I met on the street, maybe it was my friend’s friend? I looked through old pictures to see if I could find out who it was, I spent hours and hours thinking about it.

Then the two weeks were up, Flag football practice was Tuesday night. I would finally get to see this mysterious name in person. I got to practice and ran to my team. At first I didn’t see anyone that matched the name, but then I saw this girl on our team. She looked so familiar to me that I stared at her for some time before actually saying something.

Then like a tidal wave hitting a smooth beach it hit me. “Jordyn!!! I remember now I used to pick on her in 3rd grade! Oh my gosh she grew up.”  Finally I spoke to you. “Jordyn do you remember me?” I asked. You looked at me for like 10 seconds and then said, “Yeah I do… I remember I didn’t like you lol”. “Do you remember Bekah Garber?” I said.

I’m sorry but your response was priceless. “Oh wait yeah I remember she had a brother that picked on me and he… You’re her brother!!?”


After that we really hit it off! For years I guess we hated each other, but now you’re one my best friends. I guess why I’m writing this is because you have become a part of me that’s so special.

We both have similar things we are going through so it’s pretty easy to relate. You knew what I’m dealing with and yet you stuck to me. I never thought that you would be the only person who would stick to me when things are tough. Even though my family doesn’t like you, you still hang on to me. Even though I probably annoyed you with the billions of times I called you, you still stayed with me.

Even when I’m really depressed and about to kill myself, you still hang on to me. All the people I expected to never leave me left me, and all the people who I forgot about came back and hung on to me.  You are those people. The last thing I expected was a girl who I used to pick on come up and love me. It shocked me, you didn’t leave me when my other “friends” left me.  You still talked to me when you knew my family was set against you. I said this to you before and I’ll say it again

I love you. I’m not just saying that because you’re nice to me, I love you unconditionally. I always will, you were there for me when nobody was. I’ll always be there for you, even if we can’t see or talk to each other. You’re a part of me that they can never take away from me! You’re the part of me that will always be there even if we have fights and things like that. You’re the part of me that will never leave me in hard times. You’re the part of me that nobody can take away.


 I Love You Jordyn <3

Don’t forget me





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