You're Not Alone

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Its the sequel to "Amanda And The Hope". and this time i put in Paragraphs-


Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011




You’re Not Alone

By: Anonymousdreamer




Have you ever felt alone, depressed? Have you ever thought of ending your life? Have you ever felt like nobody cares about you? Have you ever felt like you can’t trust anybody? Well read this story, and maybe, just maybe you will change your mind. This story takes place in a town called Rysville, a pretty good size place. The people there were very nice and welcoming… For the most part anyway.

We take you now to a house on the east side of Rysville, to a bedroom where 14 year old Tom Weslie sat in the corner. Tom is the type of boy who most boys consider lame, or stupid. He loves to write stories, poems, and songs. And he loves being with people, at least he use too. If you remember Amanda Holton in our previous story, she was the first person Tom met, but they didn’t really start being real friends until a few weeks ago. For some reason, Tom was attracted to Amanda. Ever since Amanda returned from the hospital, she had been different. Her whole worldview had changed, and she seemed to love God with all her heart, which was what Tom liked the most about her. Now Amanda Holton was very beautiful, but tom didn’t judge girls by there appearance. It’s Kind of mean, and he thought it’s not very fair to them either. And now that they know one another, Tom would like to get to know her better as a friend. The cool part was that they both went to the same church, and they would talk at youth group sometimes. But in the 5 months that Tom had been in Rysville, he has been very depressed.

 When Tom was 7 years old, he had the best friend in the world, Emma Lukowski.  Emma and Tom were the best set of friends around. They would hang out everyday after school. Where there’s Tom, there’s Emma. They shared good times and bad times, but they never left each other’s side. If Emma was upset, or depressed, she would get her bike and ride to Tom’s house. They would talk for hours and hours, and when they were done both of them felt better. They would even have a party over it in Emma’s back yard. Sometimes their families would even go on vacation together so Emma and Tom could hang out like they always do! For some reason though, Tom’s younger sister Hannah didn’t like Emma. She was always rude to Emma when she was over, Tom and Emma couldn’t understand why, but aside from that, life was great! And then something happened that change Tom’s life forever. He’s 12 years old. Tom had just returned from a week at his aunt’s house, when he got home there was a message on the phone. It was Mrs. Lukowski, telling Tom that Emma was killed. At that moment, Tom’s heart broke into a million pieces. Emma and her mother were shopping in a local store getting some supplies, when a man came in with a gun and shot down eight people, Emma being one of them. The man had a ski mask on and was robbing the place. Being the fearless, brave girl Emma was, she tried to stop him, but one bullet to the head told her otherwise. After the message stopped, Tom screamed as loud as he could. “NO! NO! NOOOO! GOD WHY! With that, Tom ran to his room, slammed the door, and didn’t come out for three days. Something happened to Tom in those 3 days, his eyes went from a cheery light, to a dark, angry, depressed black. The smile he once had was now a straight line. In the weeks that followed, Tom’s grades in school took a dive. He couldn’t think about his work, or anything else but Emma, and what happened. Finally his family decided that it was best if they moved, to forget the past. So they packed there stuff, and moved to Rysville, but Tom would never forget the past, or his friend Emma, and the lust for money that killed her.

 Now Tom is in his new house, in his room writing his latest story “Left For Dead”. Then he heard a knock on his bedroom door.

“Who is it?” Tom asked.

“Its Amanda, can I come in”?

“Sure” Tom replied. The door opened and Amanda Holton walked in.

 “How did you get in my house?” Tom asked? “My family is out”.

 Amanda cracked a smile. “Keys and locks are no match for me” she said. “I climbed up your one tree next to your sister’s room, Cracked the window open, and slipped inside, and here I am!”

Tom couldn’t help but smile. “Oh great, now I feel even more safe with you around!”.

Amanda walked over and sat down next to Tom. “What are you doing?” Amanda asked.

“I’m writing another story” Tom replied. He handed the notebook to Amanda.

“Left For Dead huh?” Amanda said. “How many times have I told you to stop writing stories about people dying!” Amanda scolded.

“This is the last one!” Tom reassured her. “Honest”. “It better be” Amanda said. “I’ve cried enough times over your stories for one month” she continued. She handed the notebook back to Tom, and then Tom got up and put it in his closet. “Want to go see a movie”? Amanda asked. “It’s Friday, we can just hang out”.

“Sure” Tom replied. “I would like that, I’ve been in my room ever since I got home from school today, oh and is Rebecca still bullying you?”

“Yeah” Amanda said. “And I don’t really get as upset as I used too.”

“Why’s that?” Tom asked.

 “Because I’m not alone anymore, I have you, Katy, Matt, and Jesus.”

“I wish I felt the same way you do” Tom said. “Anyway lets go.” A few minutes later, they were walking down the street to the movie theater. “So what happened to you?” Tom asked.

 “What do you mean?” Amanda replied.

 “ Well, ever since you got out of the hospital, you have been very different, and I don’t even know why you were in there!”, Tom said thoughtfully.

Amanda’s smile transformed into a more serious look. “Well’ Amanda began. “My mom had to go to the hospital because my dad beat her badly, then he took his own life by jumping from a bridge onto a freeway.”  

“Oh I’m so sorry Amanda, I didn’t know.” Tom said.

“Its ok” Amanda said, then continued her story. “In the hospital, I came to the point where I felt like I couldn’t take this world’s pain anymore. I had a knife in my pocket that my older brother gave me, and I took it and ran it through my chest.”

“What!” Tom exclaimed. “You mean you tried to kill yourself!?” Amanda looked down at the sidewalk and said.

“Yes, yes I tried. And I almost died, but for some reason I didn’t, it’s really hard to explain. Jesus came to me, somewhere in the universe.”

“Jesus?” Tom asked.

“Really?” Amanda brought her head up and looked into Tom’s eyes. “Yes, Jesus came to me and told me that it wasn’t too late, I could still make a difference in my life, but that I need his help to see me through. So he restored me back to this earth, and now everyday I thank him for what he has done for me.”

By this time Tom was really drawn into Amanda’s story. “Wow, that’s amazing!” Tom said. Then he looked off into the distance and continued. “I wish I could get a new start.”

 “You can!” Amanda Replied. “Look, I know how much you miss Emma, I remember when I asked you why you never smiled, but Tom, you need to move on, and forgive the man who killed her.”

 In Tom’s mind, the word “forgive” was the word he hated most. Ever since Emma died, he has had a grudge against life, his family, and the man who killed his friend. “I can’t forgive that man, I HATE HIM!” Tom said, getting a little angry.

This seemed to make Amanda sad. “Then your bitterness and hate will lead to your destruction.” Amanda said sadly.  At last they reached the movie theater. “So, what movie do we want to see?” Amanda asked.

“Hmm, how about Revenge Of The Myth?” Tom said.

Amanda frowned. “I’m afraid of those types of movies Tom, they scare me to death. How about Caught In The Storm? Amanda asked. “That’s about this boy and girl who are really mad at life, and then they find each other and compare stories, and at the end they both find what they have been looking for, peace, love, joy and hope.”

“Ok sounds good!” Tom replied. So they went to the ticket counter, and Tom paid for the tickets. For some reason this stunned Amanda. Most of the boys she knows are boys who are rude, lazy and didn’t want to pay for anything. Tom however, decided that he would be nice and pay for her ticket. What also caught her eye was when he paid for the snacks they got to watch the movie. This seemed to please her. About two hours later Tom and Amanda walked out of the movie theater.

 “Thanks for paying for the movie and the food.” Amanda said. “Most of the time I pay for my friend’s stuff.” She continued.

“What are friends for?” Tom replied. “Besides, hanging out with you is fun; I don’t have many friends so this was nice to be able to spend the evening with you.” He added.

 Amanda smiled, and gave Tom the biggest hug he ever got. Tom wasn’t really expecting this sudden reaction, but he didn’t care. He walked Amanda back to her house.

“See ya tomorrow?” Tom asked.

“You bet!” Amanda replied.

As Tom walked home, he thought about what Amanda had said to him. “ Jesus will help you, your bitterness and hate will lead to your own destruction. You can have a new start, you’re not alone. Those words ran through Tom’s mind all the way home. By now his family would have been back home. Tom opened the front door, and stepped inside.

“Where have you been Tom!” his mother asked, obviously worried about him.

“Amanda came over about and hour after you guys left for Hannah’s cast party, then we went to the movies. Sorry I forgot to leave a note for you.” 

Mrs. Lukowski seemed to not be upset, which is odd for her. Instead she smiled. “Do you like her?” Mrs. Lukowski asked.

“Oh yeah, Amanda is awesome!” Tom replied, trying hard not to give his mom the wrong idea about Amanda. “I’m going to my room Mom, see you tomorrow.”

With that, Tom spun around and raced up the steps to his room.  Later that night, Tom’s dad came up to talk to him.

 “I heard you went out to the movies with Amanda?” Mr. Lukowski asked. Tom looked up from his story.

 “Yeah dad, sorry I didn’t leave a note, but you know her right? She goes to my school, and we hang out at church.”

“Yes I know” His dad replied. “Did you guys have fun?” he continued.

“Oh totally, it was really fun. Oh yeah, Amanda has a tennis match tomorrow. Can I go?” Tom asked.

His dad gave him a pleased look. “I don’t see why not. You seem happier then you once were, and I like that. Reminds me of when you and Emma would go to the park on Saturdays.” 

Tom’s smile disappeared. “Yeah, Emma…Sure”.

“Well you better get some sleep, see you in the morning.” His dad said.

“Yeah, later Dad.” Tom replied. After Mr. Lukowski left the room, Tom finished the last chapter in his story, and went to bed.

That night was one of the most interesting nights that Tom had ever gone through. He had a dream - a strange dream. It was just a bright white light, nothing else;  more white then a blank sheet of paper.

“Huh? Where am i?”  Tom wondered. Soon, a figure appeared in the distance. Tom could hardly believe his eyes. “Emma!?” he exclaimed.

Emma stood before Tom, with a big smile. “Tom, Amanda is right. Let go of your hate, forgive the man who killed me.” Emma said.

“Emma? It’s really you! How did you know what Amanda said to me?” Tom asked, still wondering where he was.

“I’ve been watching you from up here.” Emma replied.

“Up where?” Tom said.

“In Heaven, it’s a nice place up here. But Tom - listen to me. God knows what you’re dealing with. Its time you find a replacement for me.  Amanda is a good choice. I’ve seen you guys together. You have so much in common, I know you miss me, I miss you too. We will see each other again. In heaven, if you let God control you. Ask him to help you. He won’t let you down.”

Tom couldn’t help crying. “Do you really think he would?” Tom asked.

Emma smiled, “Yes, he is always there Tom. And Amanda can help you, and so can your family. Trust me.” Emma said.

“Alright, I’ll do it.” Tom quietly replied. “I love you Emma!” he shouted.

“I love you too Tom, now go back and be that funny, loving, cheerful boy I knew.” Emma said. And then all of the sudden, she disappeared, and Tom woke up.

It was morning already. “Well that was a fast sleep,” Tom thought. Remembering his dream, he picked up is cell phone, and called Amanda.

After a few rings, Amanda finally answered. “Hello…” Amanda said, obvious that she had just woken up.

“Amanda, it’s me Tom!”

“Oh hey Tom, what’s up?” Amanda replied.

“You were right, my hate will destroy me, and I don’t want that. I’ve decided to give God the wheel now. He will see me through, and I owe it to you.  Thanks!”

Amanda didn’t know what do say, she had never thought that what she said would change the life of another. And with Tom, she was even more pleased. “You’re welcome Tom, I’m glad you changed your view on things. So will you be at my tennis match this afternoon?”

“Totally.” Tom replied. “Can’t wait to see you.”

With that said, they finished making the plans for the weekend. When Tom hung up the phone, he had a joy and a peace that he could not explain. Maybe it was Amanda? Or maybe, just maybe, it was Jesus and Emma.



I hope you enjoyed the story. Sadly it’s not a true story, but I hope you learn a lesson from this story. Bitterness and hate will only take you down. Forgive those who do you wrong, because Jesus did the same for you. There’s a grace that we have been shown, now it’s our job to pass it on.


Thanks for reading




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