"The HOPE"

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Every breath of human life is HOPE

Submitted: September 03, 2012

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Submitted: September 03, 2012



Every breath of human life is HOPE… unless until we have the HOPE we can’t sustain, I believe that is the reason our mind/soul automatically create hope among ourselves, it continuously engenders HOPE from situation to situation..

Every day evening we wish our friends/colleagues, “bye dear, see you tomorrow” isn’t that hope? Are you confident that tomorrow you will meet your friends/colleagues? Are you sure that, tomorrow you will wake up from your sleep…. It is all nothing but HOPE which leading us towards the life….

A small incident….
Last week I went for shopping along with my friends, it was one of the leading retail outlet in Middle east, when we reach the shop, I found lot many people standing near the customer service counter, I just enquired with sales boy standing around there,

he replied,

that shop was conducting a lucky draw contest, people are standing there to get coupon, they were offering different prizes, which costing nearly one million UAE Dirham, the procedure was simple, get the coupon write your name and contact details and put it in luck draw box. I found interesting and observed the people around there for a moment,
Everybody was talking to their friend/counter parts, “any way I won’t get it since millions of people are participating in it”

But the interesting fact is, even though they said it won’t get for them, still writing their name and put it in the lucky draw box, the reasons is simple “the HOPE”. Even I felt that contest is really tough to win, from 20 million people only one or two people will win the prize, people are aware about it, but their HOPE that they may win.
In my home town, I always seen majority of middle class people who is living with many burdens in their life, They might not have the confidence to solve all their problem but still they HOPE tomorrow or day after tomorrow all my problems will get Solved, Which many not get solved till their death. I hope rest of the world also the scenario is the same.
Likewise in our each breath, we can fell our HOPE, Each sentence/word you speak, irrespective of Office, Home or party everywhere is the same. If your try to avoid it also it will not leave you, it keep on coming in your words.

Just Think about it, I “HOPE” I am right about it.

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