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these are just some pieces of advice i think the young girls of our generation should take to heart.

Submitted: April 17, 2014

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Submitted: April 17, 2014



There are some things I would like every little lady to know, 

You are beautiful, your soul is beautiful. The purpose of life is becoming, constantly bettering oneself. You may not be able to look in the mirror and see an angel looking back, but let me tell you something, no one ever has. Every woman has at some point felt inadequate. The reality is that you are not. This universe would not have been the same without your existence, everything you do, even waking up in the morning creates a new paragraph in the story of the universe. You are special, and until you believe it it cannot be true. You will make mistakes and that is okay. Mistakes are an important part of learning, and by god don't you ever stop learning. People might tell you it is not okay to make those mistakes, even your own family but you tell yourself it is okay. You are the only person that can allow yourself to feel inferior and listen to me, don't, do not allow yourself to feel inferior. You are the powerhouse of your own life, be your own lighthouse and guide your own heart to the shore during the dark nights. Motivate yourself to do better and be better every single day. Depend on yourself for your happiness. Do everything you possibly can to make your life a better place for you, get rid of any toxic relationships and create healthy habits. The first few steps are always the hardest but you have to walk in order to run and you have to run in order to fly. Set yourself free, do not allow sour comments or people to second-guess your own self. Like I said life is about becoming, and therefore a journey of finding yourself so you can become, so be kind to other people because they too are struggling. Patience really is a virtue. Anger and impatience seldom get you anywhere. Dwelling on what the other girl in school said about you won't get you anywhere and it won't get her anywhere either for that matter, and let me tell you a little secret: instead of staying angry or frustrated move forward, and leave such people behind. For you, it is another step towards becoming. Take pictures, lots of pictures. Remember yourself when you were 5, 10 and 20. See what has changed and think about what has not.

I was never told this, but it is okay to step back sometimes and take a break. If you find yourself overwhelmed with all that is going on it is okay to put your headphones in for a few hours and escape. Go to a library pick up a book and let yourself indulge in a second life right then and there. Get some perspective. I want you to know that you deserve to have someone in your life that you can trust, someone that loves you purely with the intention of seeing you succeed in life. In most cases this will be your mother and/or father, but if it is not then I want you to know that you are just as important as any other girl and you deserve the same love. Broaden your network and see if you can find this positive figure somewhere else.

Learning is not all about books, but it is not all about partying either. You must think of what is best for you. Do not indulge in things that will take the pain away emotionally, and add disadvantages physically. Do not let yourself live in a way that is anything less of perfect. If you do not like the situation you are in, get out of it. Never look back, trust yourself with the decisions you have made. Become such a person that you can trust with the decisions you have made.Live your life in such a way that during your last breaths you can embrace Death like an old friend. 

And most importantly no matter how much you have been told this, life's purpose is not to find someone to settle down with, it is about becoming. The true goal of life is to find yourself, not someone else. There is a special person out there that you will meet and love, but do not depend on them for your own happiness and do not put your life on hold for them. You will know that this is the right person because you will help each other find yourselves together. they will be a friend who will have your best interests at heart. This cannot be determined after a meeting or two, it must be given time. If you feel like you cannot give them that time then let them go. 

You are important, you are smart and my god you are special.

Cherish yourself.

You are your own happiness.

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