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Submitted: January 19, 2017

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Submitted: January 19, 2017



Here is the winter suddenly, 

not soon before the sun was seen, 

but light is gone and dark begins, 

the shivers come unwelcomely. 


The day was fine ,as fine could be, 

the night was but a memory, 

but days they end so promptly, 

and the night, to quickly leads. 


What would I give to see the light, 

my trust, my friends, the ones I’ve loved, 

my heart, my soul, my mind an’ all, 

to escape the darkness chasing, on the warmth I now call home.


I believe with all my might the bitter lie, 


that there is only light amidst the sky, 


and when then truth of darkness comes…


I pay for light, and light doth come. 


So praise the melodies of light, 

to avoid the truths that lay in night, 

for as long as I seek comfort in the lie’s

the truth remains still hidden, 

from by my blissful dying mind. 


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