Society is messed up

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This is my entry for
Poetry Contest- (Metaphor)-angellynn

Its my first poem so please dont be too harsh ahha im not that good but i though i might give it a crack :d

Submitted: March 05, 2014

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Submitted: March 05, 2014



Society is Messed Up

Our world is slowly tearing apart and it’s all because of us
We have come far since the beginning but advanced too much
We kill species of animals just for pleasure
We torture them and play with them just for our leisure
We are wanting peace and joy yet
We are building these war machine toys
We are shooting each other down and killing them with guns
We are even hurting little children just for the sake of fun
We slash, we punch, we murder
We destroy ourselves with burgers
We pollute the sky and water, none of us care
We are righting our own destiny, which will end up in despair
We all think were right when were wrong
We all chant this junk in a song saying
“We want to change and this is wrong”
We say this but what is done
We do nothing about it and it is clear
We all know that the end is near
Our world is a messed up place
That has gone from worse to a disgrace
Our future isn’t bright
But if we stand up and fight
We might be able to save this place

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