Love of the Fallen

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a writing about two souls who fell in love with each other upon death.

Submitted: July 06, 2013

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Submitted: July 06, 2013



Everything is fading. I left on the edge of a razor leaving red in my wake. The room falls to black as I edge toward an eternal slumber. I no longer feel pain. I am weightless.

The darkness dissipates and many doors are presented to me. As I enter each, I see nations rise and fall. I see wars waged in the name of senseless conflicts.

I see her.

Despair accentuates her beauty. It reminds one of the look of a saddened angel. I watch with a sense of great longing for her as she dresses in an extravagent wedding dress, her face now veiled. Such beauty was present in her every state.

Her hair black as midnight, skin of ivory, eyes like deep green emeralds.

It was then she brandished a dagger.

I watched with great fascination, just wondering. She then started to quietly sob. I felt ever so saddened by her grievance. What pain was troubling her so? I then felt tears in my own eyes.

She sobbed for what seemed to be an hour. Her tears stopped. Her expression turned to blackened steel. With a single fluid motion, she readied the dagger and cut her throat. I felt a rather peculiar sense of elation as she ended her life.

Time now stood still. I knew now that I was not alone in this new world. I felt a sweet but sorrowful presence with me. I turned to see what it was.

Here with me she now stood. More beautiful in death than she was in life.

I was completely mesmerised by her radiance. Her skin shone with a bright white luster, her lips black like obsidian, and eyes of the most prescious shade of jade.

She opened her mouth to speak. "I've been waiting so long for you. Where have you been? I've missed you so. Embrace me, my love. Never let me go", said she.

I held her close. We clung onto each other for dear life. A passionate kiss then followed. I felt a myriad of feelings, but among those feelings was true happiness.

I spoke unto her these words: "Sweet fallen angel, our love is greater than our lives. We are now together for time everlasting. Our love knows no bounds. My sweet, beautiful love, our love is ever enduring and will never fade. Our love is eternal. We will never be apart again."

She then smiled. With tears in her eyes, she kissed my ever so passionately again as we faded into eternity. We were immortalized in our love. We shall live on for we still love.

Love is our legacy.


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