I am Just a Middle Child

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This is a short story of a girl talking about her life being an middle child. How rough it can get. And how much of an outsider she really feels like.

Submitted: May 31, 2016

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Submitted: May 31, 2016



I am Just a Middle Child.

By Ansley Madison


Do you ever feel like nobody loves you or nobody would care if you died? Well I do. Each and every day. It feels like every living moment I've spent since my little sister was born my I have been just miserable. I'm never good enough for anyone, no matter where I am or who I'm with nobody cares. At school I'm just the ugly girl who everyone thinks is always happy and wonders why, "Just look at her, how could she be so happy looking like that" they would all say. But that's the thing, I'm NOT happy. Then we go to home, there it's the worse. To Dad? I have never been good enough, no matter if i am doing the best that I can I still am not doing good enough. To Mom? I always come last, she always has picked my older brother and younger sister over me. She will swear at me " You're a bitch" "I doubt you even have any friends". She will tell me that I am going to get no where in life. "Better start practicing '#3 your Happy Meal is ready' ". To my friends? I'm the one who swears a lot "just because" is what they think. But they don't know. I curse a lot because it's the only words my mom tells me at home, I wear flowy shirts not because their "In fashion" but because It keeps my Dad from calling me fat. I wear makeup not because everyone does but because everyone calls me ugly without it. But... I'm just a kid... Who wants her family to love her. Friends who won't leave her out. Boys to thinks she's pretty not ugly. And most of all, not to be called fat by her Dad everyday. I am just a child. I am just the Middle child.

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