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In a time were love was rough to me.

Submitted: June 25, 2012

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Submitted: June 25, 2012




Hurt, lies, deceit are all blinding when there is love.

You say you love me yet it doesn't feel like you do.

You act and say things as if you loved me yet theres more meaning behind it.

We fight and quarrel yet I will always love you.

You make me cry yet it doesn't matter to me.

We've both lied to each other and have are fair share of secrets yet who doesn't?

There are many things we have both done to each other but if we can't moved past that and see the love then we are not meant to be.


I see you and I see my world.

I see you and a smile spreads across my face.

I see you and my heart beats 2x it's normal pace for you.

I see you and I see all the love I have for you.

But do you see me?

All the tears that hide buried in my eyes?

All the scars left on my heart?

The missing pieces to my shattered soul?

The way I smile when I'm near you?


I love you.

I love you.

I can never seem to say it enough.

It's as if I say it but I need to again.

I may have said it already 6 times today but once more won't hurt.

I can't help it when I say "I love you" and smile knowing you love me back.

Such silly little words bring me such joy.


~ Do you...

~ Do you see what my eyes say?

~ Do you listen to what my lips tell you?

~ Do you believe what my heart bleeds?

~ Do you care what I have been through?

~ Do you care for what you've put me through?

~ Do you know the pain I live?

~ Does it even matter to you ?

My love is a gift and to be earn do not just throw it away.


Once your gone what is left with you?






Or something else more memorable?


There is alway love when nothing else may seem to be there.

Love is powerful and is a gift to be found.

Hate is also powerful yet it consumes us turning and changing us into creatures unknown to ourselves.


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