when love is found by ivana

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i wrote this when i was thinking about all the people i love and how some are over seas and oceans and miles away but i still love them

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



When love is found

By: Ivana

When love is found a bond is created.

A force so strong not even distance its self can break this bond.

When love is found few words need to be spoken.

Were simple silence together is bliss.

When love is found a kiss means more the just a kiss.

Were each touch is enhanced to just more then a simple touch.

When love is found seeing you smile means everything to me.

And as I wipe the last tear away I brush away the pain that comes with your tears.

When love is found saying goodbye hurts to much no amount of words can explain it.

But hearing you say,“ I love you” takes away the pain and hearing your voice s soothing.

When love is found knowing that I will always have a place in your arms and heart means the world to me.

And I will always feel safe near you.

When love if found the love I feel for you will never change no matter what our love may.

Go through I will always love you cause I love was found with you.

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