Where is the end of rainbow?

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Samantha, an small ant, is looking for a wonderland, will she succeed?

Submitted: December 13, 2013

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Submitted: December 13, 2013



  It is the first time I write here, please point out any grammatical mistake and leave comment. :-)


It was a story about a wretched ant called Samantha 

Samantha, an ordinary ant lived in a small lair in the laboratory, was wondering about the afterlife of ants.  She always fancied where she went after she had died.  A apple pie with caramel dressing? Or the stomach of an anteater?

One day, Samatha was searching for some edible thing for their empty stomach, she faltered across the Bunsen burner. While she was sniffing for the fragrance of sugar.  she saw a spendid endless rainbow came out from a transparent triangular prism. She was amazed by it with her opened jaws. Then she ran back to the lair with barehands.

"Get a loan of this, everyone!" she shouted eagerly when she was still catching her breathe, " I saw a rainbow on the bench!" 

She caught everyone's eyes successfully. Everyone seemed to be astonished. "Where have you been going? You come back with a bag of air. Where's the food? We are starving to death," they doubted.

Samantha's best friend, Maria, asked enthusiastically, "How's it look like, is it really as colourful as they said?" 

"Yes, it does!" Samantha replied cheerfully, " I saw seven colours lay on it, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet! It is much more colourful than the strawberry ice cream we've ever tasted." 

Before she ended, people had already abuzz by her words, at the moment, the wisemen of the ants lurched out, he spoke with his trembling voice," Calm down everyone, I heard a prophecy from a human being. At the end of the rainbow, there is a beautiful place called Utopia where are no starvation and war, people there live joyfully without worries."

"It sounds marvelous! How great it is if I ..." 

"Hold on sweetheart," the wisemen broke in in calm, "You have to sacrifie everything you own in order to go here wealth, friendship or even your life."

"But I am fed up with this miserable life," She yelled, "I am tired of waking up before the sun rises, seeking food but getting nothing in return, I live like a walking dead, who only live for survival, but if I find Utopia, I will be libereated from the crisscrossed chain. I can do what I want without any restriction. I shall be left in peace, while you guys still live like zombies." 

A sudden deafening silence covered all the sound, no one dared to make any sound. 

The wisemen shoke his head as if he gave up the tiring persuation. He said reluctantly, "If our lives is really that obnoxious as you think, OK. You walk till the end of the rainbow and you killed yourself in front of it. Then you will enter where you've been long for for a long time."

At night, Samantha had packed up for her laast voyage, while her friend Maria dropped in. Maria was shocked at what she saw.  She questioned Samantha, "Have you really thought the consequence? You have to pay your life for a scepitcal place where no one knows whether exists or not!"

"Stop fussing, I have already made up my mind. I can't tolerate this dreadful life anymore, I don't want to worry about being stepped by human beings, I don't want to worry about hunger, I don't want to worry about pest repeller. It's a harshed life..." she stopped as she wiped her tears, Maria tried comforting her, "It's going to be alright, but you can go back to the woods behind the school."

"You won't make me change my mind. What I've decided is done," She said firmly.  Then She took her luggage and went out. Maria looked at her best friend's silhoutte. She started thinking when she may return? Even though she knew Samantha wouldn't. 

She was right, it was the last time she saw Samantha.

Meanwhile, Samantha spent the whole night climbing on on the laboratory bench. The bench was as tall as Himilaya in her eyes. When she approached, she was exhausted to walk a single step. She used her last breathe to glance around the desk. Something catchy caught her eyesight. It was the shining prism where rainbow was born. 

"Finally, Pains end here..." she was sobbing as she  The moonlight shone to the prism and refracted a gorgeous spectrum, while warm was exuded from the flame of the Bunsen Burner. She lay by the chimney, looked up at the fume made by the combustion, and embraced the chimney like how she had hugged her mother when she still was a frightened new born. The seductive warm has tied her tightly that she was not willing to leave, yet she knew this was the last step she ought to make. She had to depart, notwithstanding the alluring warm. As the wisemen said, everyone had to sacrifie in order to gain another thing. 

She used all her strength to climb to the mouth of the Bunsen Burner. The red-hot chimney mouth seemed to devour her body. The blue flame erupted constantly. At the moment she decided to jump down. She heard a tumultuous noise coming from the corridor next to the laboratory bench. It was a human being, whom people called "teacher". The teacher shifted the prism and rasied it up. The rainbow was gone, vanished in silence. The only left was endlessvoid and an appalled petit ant.

"It's only an nightmare! This's not true! Utopia does exist!" Samantha went collasped, while her memories flash back, her friends, her lair and the mild warm chimney. She was whipped by the remorse inside her heart, comparing to it, the immense blue looked as if it was nothing. 

"I must go back, to see my precious friends,"  she exclaimed hysterically, "I haven't lost them yet! I own them, I have to go back. I have to go back." 

 Abruptly, an enormous wind called in the laboratory. Samantha was too small to withstand the wind. She was blown to the flame and errored by it. 

  When Samantha the ant loses her life for a illusory paradise, are human beings following her footsteps? 



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Where is the end of rainbow?

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