Bye Bye Byrdie

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A man named Joe Byrdie is faced with lifetime dilemmas in his 20th century life.

Submitted: May 03, 2011

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Submitted: May 03, 2011



Bye Bye Byrdie

Once many years ago, I met a man named Joseph Byrdie and his wife,Jacqueline Cremla Byrdie with their 17 children. Joe came home from WWII on August 8,1946. Joe,after the war alway feared that one day he'd open the mailbox and one letter would draft him again. So,Jackie would check the mail. One day Joe saw the mailman come and he didn't want Jackie to think he was a baby so he checked the mail and looked at all the mail and surprisingly his fears came true.There it was a draft letter stating: Dear Mr.Byrdie, I regret to inform you you have been drafted. Korea is fondling with the hands of war and we need your experience. Thank You, Dwight Eisenhower Joe's heart pounding and his mind confused for the first time in his life he cried. Jackie ran outside seeing Joe cry made her very very worried.Joe then received his orders for Ft.Dix on May 2,1953 and he was gone.Jackie was gone too but not physically In July of 1953 she sent all 17 children to her mother,Ms.Lucille Cremla. Jackie thought she made a mistake marrying a man in the military.She began drinking up to 2 bottles of Vodka a day this made her so drunk she couldn't even eat. Two years later,in 1955 Joe came home to see another man in his house he was apparently Jackie's boyfriend.After 16 years of marriage they divorce on June 20,1955. Chapter 2 A Little Peace Joe was now divorced he did not know were Jackie was 'nor care. He gained custody of all his children and that was all he really needed. He later ,in 1960 began courting a woman named Louise Jackson she was true,gorgeous,and wonderful. It was a wonder how Joe got so fond of Louise with 17 kids to watch over 24/7. They married August 6,1961. They very soon after found out they were expecting a baby girl. Louise Byrdie was very excited. She decided to buy her dream car, A 1960 Ford Skyliner.In celebration of her first pregnancy of course.

Chapter 3 Vietnam(1964) Louise had her baby girl in 1962, Desiree Frances Byrdie. Joe's oldest son,Billy graduated in 1964. Joe one day looked in the mail and suddenly he saw another draft letter this time from Lyndon Johnson. He was very scared it was dejavu he then realized he was 40 and at the time you were not allowed in the army after 38 years of age. He called the Pentagon immediately he was then released from the army. He was very happy he no longer was at risk of having to leave his family,but then another shadow faced him,his son,Jack Byrdie was drafted. Joe was very scared of Jack's predictable fate. Jack left for the army. Joe kept on loving all of his family. In 1965,sadly his mother, Sara Volga Byrdie died aged 78.Joe could tell this wasn't going to be a good decade.He later found out that in 1966 Jack was missing in action and in 1968 he was found dead. Joe was horribly heartbroken he held a large funeral for him.Joe thought he should have just gone to the army instead of Jack 24 was very young to die,too young.

Chapter 4 Golden Years

Joe was sure this decade would work out well for him and it did. All his kids graduated except Dede she was only ten at the time of the graduations. Louise later adopted another child,a boy,Samuel Gregory Dempsey Byrdie. It was surely the \"Happy 70's\" for Joe. No war no worry.He became a grandfather in 1975 his daughter,Rae and his son,Carter both had a child the same year. Joe was undoubtedly happy.Louise was considered grandmother of Joe's grandkids even though she was not their real Grandma.In 1979 Dede graduated from High School at the top of her class. Joe finally had the life he wanted.

Chapter 5 The Glory 80's

Joe was now 60 Louise 50. He began getting older and older and enjoying what he had left in life. Louise had a great time caring for Sam. He graduated in 1982. In 1986 Joe became very ill and was diagnosed with liver cancer. He just got weaker and weaker. In 1990 he died aged 70. Louise was very upset and all 60 years of his life she never cried and she thought to herself now was the time to cry. Louise had a great 29 years with him. It was god's turn now.

The final Chapter Goodbye Mrs. Byrdie In 1991 Louise got over the fact she was alone. She wasn't really alone she had her grandchildren,children,stepchildren and a mother whom she all adored they all visited often. She was excited she made it to the millennium,2000 she thought here comes the flying cars. But to her surprise it wasn't like the Jetsons cartoon Dede watched when she was little.It was like the 70's and 80's with more technology. In 2001 she bought a beautiful 1 story 3 bath house in the country with the money she got with Joe's will it was Joe's dream house too bad Joe never saw it.In 2006 she moved to a town-home for seniors she just couldn't clean the other one all by herself.In 2008 she got pancreatic cancer she died in 2009 aged 69. Her relatives an Joe's family are still thriving and have a beautiful life of their own.

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Dede: Desiree Byrdie Jackie:Jacquelin Cremla Joe: Joseph Byrdie

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