An end

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A woman faces her executioner, and it changes her life forever.

Submitted: January 09, 2010

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Submitted: January 09, 2010



Cold. Shivering and just Frozen.

Every Hair on her neck felt like a needle standing up Strait. She dare not move.She closed her eyes for a moment. Hoping that when she opened them It would all be a dream. Brick Wall Surrounded her. Dead Petals Fall all around her,Once like her now having life, Ripped from there stem mercilessly.She slowly Sauntered Around in her White Gown. She was beautiful. She kept thinking that her life was over. Or maybe it was about to start. She walked slow, So painful were her steps that she could not hear anything else besides the Sound of her own heart.

"Calm Down," She spoke to herself. "Maybe they wont notice." She was Fightened.

She See her attacker at the end of the way.The Man that was trying to take her life away. Again She freezes. She tries to Stop, But An Arm Kept pulling her forward. She Tries not to think about what she was being forced into. Did every Woman in her position feel this way? Or was it just her. Tears flooded her face, She looked upon the Audience, there smiling happy faces. "Why are they smiling? There about to end my life," she thinks. The Arm lets go. She got to her attacker.The man. He is in all black as most Executioners are. He smiles Too.The music is Taunting her. So lively and optimistic. The Man Grabs her by both Shoulders. There is another voice one of calm and Wisdom.

"Do you take Faith Reminer to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold in good times and bad times for as long as you both shall live so help you god?"

The Music Stops, as does her heart.Then the Executioner Speaks.

"I do."

© Copyright 2018 Anthony Hodgins. All rights reserved.

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