Lifes Illusion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A man and his tragic story of war and lost love.

Submitted: January 09, 2010

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Submitted: January 09, 2010



Chapter One:

He sits. The buckle seat belt light comes on, that annoying bing-binging sound that he knew all to well. They were about to land. But this time it was for a different reason. He was home. He'd been away for.. Oh god how long was it. He crooked his head to one side as if to remember the day he left, and to remember the people that saw him on his way. Jesus, its been two years that I've been out of Canada to begin with. But I haven't been home for three. He shifts his weight, the turbulence nagged his guts. He hated it, always wondering if something was wrong on the plane. He knew to look at the stewardess's face. If they were panic stricken he knew to be as well. All is well. Your almost home. She said she'd be there. We haven't talked for a good year. But she knew he was coming. Couldn't tell her how much he missed her. One step away from unbearable. Deployment. Such an insignificantword. But, how much it meant to him. He reaches into his pocket and grabs two very worn small pages of cursive.

"Hello Handsome, it read:

We have been through so much and have made so many memories that I will never forget..."

He folds it back up and places it in his shirt pocket.

"Never." he recited aloud.

"Whats that Sir?"

"Nothing Private, just mumbling to myself. The Fiance waiting for ya' at the Airport?" He asked.

"No Sir, Im' afraid not. She fell very ill with a rare form of cancer. Shes not allowed to leave the hospital."

He shakes his head. "I'm sorry Private." He pauses then decides to ask. "How bad is i..."

The Soldier cuts him off.

"With all due respect General, could we not talk about her?"

He feels remorse and Nods. He didn't know if he was more sad about the condition of the Soldiers wife, or about how small and insignificant his own life was. Wondering if a woman would still be waiting for him after all these years. How child-like. The devastation he saw, the suffering, It changed him. He definitely wasnt the same man she knew him to be. He knew what he was going into, in applying For the Army. The Negative was paired with so much positive. Drowning in his own thoughts, the time passed, just as it had in Afghanistan. He didn't feel the wheels touch down, nor see the plane empty out. He awoke from his daze in a start. The woman tugging at his sleeve seem amazed to see him still on board.

"Sir, we landed over an hour ago."

Trying to keep his composure, he chuckles, and smirks.

" I know I'm good looking, but you probably don't want to keep the Wife waiting too long do you?"

She winks. And skips back along the Aisle picking up left behinds and remnants of old plane food.

That reminds him.

"Jesus Christ. Even if she did come to see me, what are the chances that she would wait around", he thinks. His life falls apart, sinks back into the chair, his one shot at living a normal life gone. Silently cursing the Private for not stirring him upon landing he slowly gets up, grabs his carry on bag and heads to the Edmonton City Terminal. Drained. Defeated. He falls to his lap against the terminal wall. Im home.

Seeing the final few green uniforms just ahead, the wife's and husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends welcoming each other with a loving Embrace. Laughter and Tears. Happiness. He couldn't Share that feeling.

Sadness stabbed at his heart. He saunters over to the luggage receptacle and waits for his luggage to appear. "Just like my F******* life, going around and around, waiting for someone to grab hold of me,"

he mumbles. His legs dont agree with his brain. He almost falls again.He finds a bench, and sits hands in his lap clasped together as if he were praying. He looks around. She isn't there. Of course she isnt you idiot. Why would she wait for a deadbeat Soldier like you. Four Goddamn years. He stares blankly at the rotating track of luggage that isnt his. 35 years old. And no one to call my own. You are sad.

"Flight 244 to Vancouver has Arrived At Terminal G." Interrupted his thoughts.

As the Conveyor Circled around he saw more luggage but no sign of his. His luggage was gone.

The sadness he was harboring was turning into anger. He sits and waits for nothing. He cared not about his luggage per se, but it was the icing on the cake.

He turns to murmuring.

"I miss her, She said she would never forget. Maybe she was here. She said she would come up from... where is she living now?... Shit.. I forget..Her blonde hair, her kindness the way she meant it when she kissed me... The smell of her perfume.. Your a fool. Forget it."

He weeps. Like a baby he cries, but not aloud. He was never a loud crier. His head was still. Tears splashed down. Silently trailing overhis cheeks like a wave crashing over a cove. He sobs and just as soon as it started it ends In Darkness.

© Copyright 2020 Anthony Hodgins. All rights reserved.

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