The man in the pin strip suit

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no luck is better then Bad luck on the Vagas strip.
Long night, wrong suit.

Submitted: May 01, 2012

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Submitted: May 01, 2012



The man in the Pin Strip Suit


It was a typical Friday night on the Vegas strip.  I just got paid and was on my way to punching out when I realized I’d forgotten to change out my tuxedo and into my street duds. I thought to myself, Ah what the hell considering I just pulled a ten-hour shift as pit boss watching losers from all over the world throwing away their fortunes, so who cares.


I was ready for a good stiff drink and they don’t allow employees to remain on the premises when not logged in. Lucky for me there were a dozen other clubs in the mall.  Hell, I could hardly wait to hit the doors to the strip. As soon as I had, a man opens the door for me, I heard another man inviting me to join him in his limo filled with 5 or 6 beautiful young ladies stating that all of his ladies were clean and licensed. There were two or three limo’s levitating in front of the malls hotel.


As I was exiting, the mall I heard a local working girl to my right ask me if I was looking to get mugged dressed like that? I stopped and looked at my pin stripped suit and thought she had a good point especially seeings how I just got paid and all.


So I thanked her and reentered the mall and bought a tee shirt and jeans. I went back into the hotel where I worked and grabbed a comp suite. I went to the suite, swiped my card, hung my suit in the closet changed, and went after that bourbon or two that’s been calling me since I got off work. On the way out I thanked the girl again, and threw her a couple of bucks and hit the strip.


After a few, I started thinking oh, what the hell I live and work in the city of sin so, I thought I might have one more drink and try my luck. As I walked around, I felt as if the whole place was coming alive and calling me in…..


There were barkers at all of the clubs. However, I decided to enter a particular video club because I saw a large black reflective dome in the center of the room, it was almost hypnotizing. It was at least twenty feet in diameter and ten feet high. As I approached the dome I noticed that on my left and right people were playing in some kind of holographic games that consisted of what appeared to be multi dimensional which actually involved them in the entire adventure. It looked so exciting that I had to try myself. I decided that I wanted to try my hand so I asked a man in a tuxedo how I play the games. He said simple, follow me as he lead me to the giant black ball in the center of the room. All of the sudden a draw slid opened and a computer-generated voice said how many crystals would you like sir? I asked how much were the chips?


The voice indicated to me that they do not use chips, instead they use crystal disks the size and shape of a quarter. Each crystal disk is valued at one hundred dollars. In addition the computer generated voice advised me that each crystal is delivered in individual sealed baggies. You must place the crystal disk into the unit without removing the bag or the crystal will instantly disintegrate. I was then informed that the man in the tuxedo would explain each game to me. I ordered eight hundred crystal disks.


 At that point, the man in the tuxedo said please follow me sir. He was quick to emphasize that the crystal bags must remain closed at all times or the air would disintegrate the disks instantly. A design instilled by the owners so they would not be responsible for any loses to their guests if they opened or dropped the bags.


I spotted a rather peculiar cube in which there where furniture on the glass walls, a chandelier on another wall yet hanging straight outward, not to mention doors on the glass ceilings.


As explained, the man in the tuxedo explained the rules of each game of interest to me.

 I told him that I wanted to try this one. The man asked me if I was sure about that.


I assured him that was the one for me. Well ok, he said but there are a few rules.

The first rule was that there were ten dimensions and if I make it through the ten dimensional goals of the game I would win two million dollars. The second rule was that if he died in the game, I would be pronounced dead at the end of the game. The third and final rule was that I had to sign a no fault indemnity clause. After five or six bourbons, I felt invincible and signed the agreement. Next, the man told me to place five crystal disks in the draw when it opens.


As I attempted to deposit the five crystal disks, I could not help but notice that on a second level surrounding the game spectators were quickly crowding around the railing to watch. I asked him what’s that all about? He informed me that no one has ever attempted this cube before. Therefore, they were coming to place bets on a mad man die or a genius figure out how to exist in a ten dimensional world.


As I attempted to place the five crystal disks into the draw, I became a bit nervous and dropped one of the disks on the floor and the bag broke disintegrating the crystal disk instantly.


I asked that the disk be replaced to which the employee replied, I am sorry sir that is not our policy. I thought for a second and said what the hell; it looks like a lot of fun and a piece of cake. Before entering the glass entrance to the ten dimensional universe’s arena, I turned and asked the man any advice? The man looked me dead in my eyes and  answered, follow me, he walked around the corner and explained he wanted to get out of the eye in the sky.


He told me to expect the unexpected for all things can appear out of one dimension and disappear into another. One other thing sir, and this pay very close attention too, watch from where they arrive and where they depart for these are the gateways through the dimensions. Survive all ten attacks and the monies yours. He then walked me back to the cube, opened the glass sliding door, and said sir good luck or good-bye. As the door closed he said if you survive I will show you how to win a million dollars a day.


As soon as the door closed I was punched in the face instantly, and watched where the red boxing glove went and I jumped in its vortex right behind it. Once inside I could see everything even the spectators looking for me and exchanging money as they waited even though I was standing right there they could not see me. I grabbed the glove and put it on now I could see the dimensional exits. Therefore, I would pop out one and wait. Suddenly a baseball bat swung at me but missed. I followed it through its vortex and grabbed it and exited through another dimension. I started to think that this was going to be apiece of cake. Suddenly, I was knocked out of my dimension and into another when a helmet hit me in the head. I grabbed the helmet and put it on, still watching the spectators as the money was changing hands faster and faster. I saw an ax and tried to chase it and almost got hit by it but, once again I followed it into another dimension and grabbed it I realized that when in a different dimension I could actually leave the cube without notice and stand right next to anyone but not touch them as my hand would pass right through them.


Once I understood how to move through the dimensions I captured my ten items and presented them to the audience from outside of the cube, much to their surprise and lack of understanding of how I appeared outside of the cube. It seemed that everyone wanted me to explain the dimensions and how they functioned. All I wanted was my two million dollars. The Gentleman in the tuxedo escorted me to the dome I could not help myself from telling them that I would have paid them, for what I have learned. The draw opened and there was two million dollars in cash. As I collected it their security offered to escort me for my protection. After I put the last packet of money in my pocket, I turned and looked at them and said all right follow me to the seventh dimension now and I vanished.


I returned two minutes later to inform the employee who told me the secrets that I would return to meet the guy that he mentioned he knew that he could trust for a fact because he has worked with him before. He proceeded to tell me how we could; at that point, I grabbed his arm and we disappeared in front of everyone.

I took him into another dimension to keep our secret about cleaning up with a million dollar pay out with one play but, I would have to give them ten percent of the take. I agreed and he began to tell me. I would have to go up to the machine alone so no one would get suspicious. I told him that I would return tomorrow and returned him to his dimension but not before, he asked how I did it. I told him that it was simple because there weren’t ten dimensions there were eleven. I then returned him to a very crowded game room and vanished.


When I returned the next time he told me that I would have to place exactly l100 crystal shaped glass quarters on the sliding tray of this particular game set way in the back of the casino. I placed all of the bags in the machine and the machine began making all kinds of noise, there were bells whistles confetti, balloons and a sign flashing that I just won $1000,000,00 in 1 million dollars cash. In return, he agreed to get me out of there with my winnings but, I grabbed his arm and took him through a vortex into the eleventh dimension where I gave him $100,000.00 and told him to put it some place safe and then I returned him to his original dimension alone.


So, I gave them a cut and decided to go it alone. Unfortunately, when I picked up my cash winnings at the black doom the place was packed after everyone hearing about my good luck.


I decided to head back to my hotel room where I worked. I began walking faster and faster until I realized that I was running from a couple of guys from the game room and some in suits.


As I approached my room and tried to get my key card out I noticed the heaver guy going for a gun. I managed to get into my room but he pushed his foot in the door and shot me in the leg. As I fell, my other leg knocked the gun out of his hand. Just as I grabbed the gun and shot the guy lying on the floor I noticed that he was looking at my pin striped suit hanging in the closet and we looked at each other and it just hit us, we both worked at the same hotel where we where the same pin strip suits


I left in a hurry and noticed a couple a more guys following me from the club where I won the three million dollars and some other guys. I didn’t know what to do or where to go or hide, I panicked and ducked into a strip joint. I was bleeding from my leg and was trying to stop the bleeding with a bar rag. Just then, the girl that I gave a few bucks too outside the mall was there and asked what happened. I laughed and said I won big but before I could say how much a guy charged in and started to walk toward me. He pulled a gun and said hand it over or else. Just then, the girl that I met outside the mall shot and killed him. I freaked out she grabbed me and said we gotta go NOW. She grabbed me and pulled me out the back door and threw me into her car.


All of the sudden we noticed that we were being chased by one of the guys from the club.

We headed behind the strip to pick through garbage bins for anything that we could use as a weapon. We grabbed bottles, rags garbage filled bags. We lost the guy so we went to a gas station and got a five gallon gas can. We started to make Molotov cocktails and poured some gas into the garbage bags for tossing. We had been found by the guy from the club so we took off with him in chase. While she was driving, I would light a bag and toss it at the guy but he just kept coming. I managed to hit his windshield with a bottle full of gas and a garbage bag. That slowed him down a bit but now we had a bigger problem, a police car had joined the chase. The guys car was on fire and ran off the road so he took off on foot to avoid the police. The police continued to chase us. The guy went back to his car to  put out the fire still trying to catch up with us.


 I threw a Molotov cocktail at the cop car and he started shooting at us. I managed to throw a bag full of gas soaked paper and a Molotov cocktail at him and it put his car on fire and out of commission. The cop managed to flatten a tire so we had to make a run for it. The guy from the club was still chasing us after he got his fire under control. As we were running, the cop was shooting at us and that ass was still chasing us. I noticed not to far up ahead was a day care center. We headed for it and I noticed that there was a car with its doors opened and it was running. It just so happened that parents were picking up their kids. As I was running for the car I noticed a child strapped in her chair in the rear of the VW. This crazy guy was coming up the only road out so fast I was afraid that he was going to hit the car with the kid in it. The mother was screaming thinking that I was going to steal her VW and child.


Thank the good lord that there just happened to be a giant propane tank on the other side of the VW with the kid in it. I don’t know how I managed to get up enough speed and strength to literarily jump with the help of the vw over the vw and kick off the propane tank and sail with both boots right through that guys windshield, killing him instantly and avoiding hitting that vw. By that time the cop got there and checked the guy that was chasing me and the girl that helped me escape. The woman explained to the cop how I saved her baby and she kissed me. The cop said that were gonna get to the bottom of this. He proceeded to tell us that the guy that was chasing us had a long history of troubles. He told me that he had to take me in for the guy I killed in the hotel. The girl told him that it was self-defense. The cop wanted to know why these guys were chasing us? The girl started to tell him when I cut her off and said that it was because I won a million dollars and that’s when all hell broke loose. The cop asked me if I still had the money. I said yeah and placed it on the car. The cop looked at it and told me that he was gonna make me an offer. I asked what kind of offer. I can take you back and explain the situation as self-defense and we could go free but the money never gets mentioned and stays with him. Naturally, I agreed and we shook on it. And what about you young lady, hell yeah lets do it.


As promised the cop kept his word and the million dollars just vanished. The girl was pissed because the cop got the money and we got screwed and didn’t even have a car anymore. I finally asked her name, oh now you want to know. She told me her name was Abby. I said Hi Abby my name is Tony lets go have a drink. On what she asked. On the other two million dollars that I didn’t tell him about and I’ll buy you a brand new escalade or any kind of car you want. How the hell did you do that. Really, you didn’t think I would give  him all of our, that’s right I said our hard earned money.



Anthony Languth copywrite 2012

© Copyright 2019 Anthony Languth. All rights reserved.

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