Levels of Human Consciousness

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This article is about Levels of Human Consciousness.

Submitted: April 14, 2016

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Submitted: April 14, 2016



This article is about Levels of Human Consciousoness.Levels of  Human Consciousness can be seen in the developmental psychology of Piaget and Kohlberg. What we see in their work at levels one, two, and three are stages of consciousness that move from concrete-conventional consciousness to higher states of consciousness.This is also seen in the work of 
Bernard Lonergan.  But this can also be seen in the history of greek philosophy and in the bible in the Book of  Genesis.   Thus we can see:

Developmental/Cognitive GreekBiblical

3.Reasonable Operations SocratesSeth

2.Analytic Operations PlatoAbel

1.Experiential  Operations AristotleCain

Now,  we can see that human consciousness moves from being more concrete, higher, to less concrete and more intellectual.Socrates and Seth both had reasonable-wisdom consciousness.  Plato and abel were both Idealists.Aristotle and Cain both have concrete consciousness, although, Aristotle was an empriicist of some sort.The Biblical account of Cain and Abel, where Abel makes a sacrifice acceptable to God, while Cain makes a rotten, unacceptable sacrifice, shows Cain murdering murdering Abel, and then being exiled.Now, what this shows is that there is a tendency for those in concrete operations to fail to find a solution to their problems, and, as a result, choose unaccptable options, and emotionally are drawn to violence and murder.

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