Logical Positivism is Discussed

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This article discusses logical positivism and concludes that it is flawed.

Submitted: April 13, 2016

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Submitted: April 13, 2016



I define Logical Positivism as follows:  Logical Positivism begins with sense experience and then logically reasons therefrom.  It is generally thought that logical positivism excludes any discussion of  ethics, values, theology, or metaphysics.But, this turns out not to be correct.  As you will see below, by playing off the work of  Newton, Aristotle, and Aquinas, logical positivism can be used to show that God Exists.

Either actually, or in your imagination, line up a few pool balls on a pool table, as follows: place a cue ball, then 4 inches away, a 5 ball, and then 4 inches from the 5 ball, a 10 ball.  Line up a shot where the cue ball is hit by your cue stick, which causes the cue ball to move and hit the 5 ball, which in turn moves and causes the 10 ball to move.  Now, the foregoing is set up and played in order to demonstrate for you the principle of  causation.  In fact, the above shows a chain of causation.We can see that by analyzing the pool balls and their movement, that for every effect, there is an antecedent cause.We can then extrapolate this to see that this is true everywhere in the material universe;For every cause there follows an effect, and for every effect there is an antecedent cause, and that the material universe is full of  effects caused by antecedent causes.

The question now arises, if the material universe is a fact, and that material universe is full of chains of cause and effect, then either there are effects which are caused by infinitely long chains of causation, or there is a First Cause Uncaused Cause which starts each chain of causation.  Now, we can see that it is impossible for a finite material universe to to contain an infinite chain of causation because we can also see that the finite cannot contain the infinite.  Thus, we are left with the conclusion that there is an Uncaused First Cause that began the Universe, and that Uncaused First Cause is  God.

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