Logical Positivism is Flawed

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This article asserts that Logical Positivism is Flawed.

Submitted: April 14, 2016

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Submitted: April 14, 2016



Logical Positivism is defined as:"sense experience and logical reasoning therefrom."  But there is a problem with this logical positivism.  What if you are reading a book on physics. Will this book count as valid with logical positivism?Do the words in the book "count" for purposes of logical positivism since the book can be read with the eyes of  sense experience?If not, then we cannot be allowed to read anything.  But if the book's content does count, what if the book is a book of theology which talks about God? 

Moreover, what if you  hear a physics lecture with your sense experience hearing?  Does this count as sense experience for purposes of logical positivism?  If not, then anything we hear, including a science lecture does not count for purposes of logical positivism.  If all lectures do count, then what about a theology lecture about God?Does this count?Either way, with either sight or hearing, sense experience, logical positivism does not work and is logically incoherent.

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