The Dead Vampire

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: The Order Of The Phoenix
This short story is about a battle between Good and Evil.

Submitted: April 14, 2016

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Submitted: April 14, 2016



Joe Smith was an attorney working in  Lincoln, Nebraska.Joe was working over lunch, with his secretary, Sally, going out for lunch.  Suddenly, there was a knock on his office door.  "Come in," Joe said.In came a man dressed in black."I need some legal work done," said the man in black,  "my name is Sam Black." "Please sit down," said  Joe, and Sam Black sat down."Actually," said Sam,  "I have a proposition for you,  if you kill yourself in ten years, I will give you a check for  $1 million dollars.I am an accult entity of  yours."  "Well," said Joe, "I don't think that I would be interested in that, but,  state to me your true name and nature.""I am an evil vampire, and I will kill you now if you do not agree.""You are evil, you say?' asked Joe.  "Yes, I am," said Sam in reply.""Have you ever thought atbout what 'evil' is?" asked Joe."Not really,'said Sam."I say that evil is a lessening of The Good," said Joe."So, what," said Sam, "that means nothing to me.""Then, you agree that evil is a lessening of the Good," said Joe. 'Sure, why not," said Sam.  What Sam the vampire did not know was that Joe was a Gray Wizard.  Joe the Wizard then cast a magic spell,  "Hocus Pocus,  for  Sam Black,  evil is a lessening of The Good, True, True, True, through and throiugh."Sam Black got up, and walked toward Joe, with Sam baring Sam's vampire fangs.But Joe's magic spell kicked in so that the more evil the Sam became the more Sam went out of existence, since evil is a lessening of the Good.Sam began to turn to dust, and soon he fell to the floor all that was left of Sam was dust. Joe then went to lunch and had his secretary sweep up the dust and throw it to the wind.  And she did.


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