The Nature of God the Father

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This article discusses the Nature of God the Father.

Submitted: April 17, 2016

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Submitted: April 17, 2016



This article is about the nature of God the Father.  With respect to God the Father,  He has the following attributes:  all knowing, unmoved mover, transcendent, unrestricted pure act of  Understanding, and is a static-process.Thus, God the Father is 99.9999999 percent, a static-process, while, He Acts with .0000001 percent on Equitable Exception or Illiteration.  The paradox of God the Father being a static-process, takes into account the fact that God the Father is outside of  space and time.

Next, the God Father participates in the existence of God the Son.God the Son is immanent-transcendent.  Thus God the Son Jesus Christ, has as part of His Nature, the ability to know the Will and God the Father, and also to be inspired by the Holy Spirit.We can see this in various places in the Scriptures.  Also,  Jesus Christ, God the Son, is the Logos God, that is, the God of Divine Reason, and the First, Cause Uncaused Cause.

God the Holy present in both God the Father and God the Son.God the Holy Spirit is the commonality which brings the Three Persons of the Trinity togather.  God the Holy Spirit is the Immanent aspect of the Trinity of God.  The Holy Spirit is absolute, substantial, relational love. 

Finally, there is the "fourth" person of the Trinity, who is the Holy Spirit of Divine Wisdom, the Goddess, the Virgin Mary.Although not God,  She is Goddess, and, She is even more immanent relative to creation than the Holy Spirit.

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