Universal Law

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Submitted: April 13, 2016

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Submitted: April 13, 2016



This article is about Universal Law.It has been thought by some that Universal Law is impossibnle, but i don['t think so.We start with knowledge.  Can we know anything.  Answer, yes.Bernard Lonergan shows us that we can make a probable judgment of fact by using the Cognitional Process Structure of:  Experience, Understanding, Judgment, and Reflection.

Once we know that we can know, then the next thing is to come up with a foundation for Universal Law.This must be a process foundation or we might fall to the moves of the pragmatist philosophers who say that having a linguistic foundation is impossible.Since we have process foundtionalism that potential critique will not work.

Now we start this aspect of our proof for Universal Law with Practical Logic which I have developed.Logic is defined as that which is not illogical.And, that which is illogical is that which is defined as that which involves a logical contradiction, such as,  attempting to assert that you can have  A  andnot Ain the same logical proof.This can also be proven concretely by placing an Apple in your left hand.Now, you can see and feel that you cannot have an Apple and no Apple in your left hand at the same time and in the same place.

Now, with Practical Logic proven we can move on to the implications of  Practical Logic.  The Law of Logic, which is Universal Law, states that you cannot have a logical contradiction in your statements, or this would be what we call a logical fallacly or a logical fraud.Universal Law prohibits the fraud of using a logical fallacy.Such fallacies include the fallacy of hypocrisy which utilzes a contradiction between statement and performance.Another fallacy is the fallacy of shifiting ground.  This takes place where you take the position A, and later in the day or later in the week you take the positionnot A.This would be a fraudulent contradiction.

Now, we can see that the Law of  Logic, also known as Universal Law, utilizes two contradictory and prohibited use of  a statement  and performance, and statement and statement.   Moreover, the concrete logical proof using the Apples in your left hand show that such logic is irrefutalbly valid and provides a concrete starting point for logic itself, and then logic itself is the foundation for Unviversal Law.

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