The Grade 8 Lovers

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This story I wrote, is actually based on me right now. But I have changed the names.

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



Being in grade 8 isn't the best, it's not fun, and quite boring. But when you have someone in grade 7 who loves you and is always there for you, it makes it a lot more interesting! It all started last year when Katie came up to me and asked me to slow dance at our year end dance. I`ve known her since grade 3 and we`ve been friends ever since then. Of course I said yes, because I actually like her, a lot. Well, throughout the song, I couldn`t stop staring into her eyes, and I was surprised when I noticed that she was staring and smiling at me! I felt so happy that someone actually likes me.

I`m sorry I forget to introduce myself, I`m Shawn and 13 years old. I have light black hair and blue eyes. I am 5`4 and somewhat fat. I am in grade 8. Now, Katie on the other hand is 12 and like 5`2 and she is in grade 7. She is sort of big but not really. She has dark hair and blue eyes, and she is quite pretty! And I am attracted to her, very much.

The first dance of this year happened in the middle of October 2011. I was all dressed up, suit and tie and everything. When Katie showed up, my eyes widened. She was wearing the most prettiest dress that I have ever saw in my whole entire life. I went right over to her and smiled.

I said "You look very pretty tonight, baby". As I was smiling at her, I knew she was blushing.

She replied "You also look good hunny". She was also smiling at me, it was then I noticed that she was wearing eye shadow, and she looked even prettier.

After we were allowed in through the school doors to pay our 5 dollars, I walked into the gym and my favourite song was playing "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People. I am pretty sure that about 7 songs in, the first sad/slow song came on and I went right over to Katie and asked her to dance. Of course she said yes with the smile. I could tell that she was going to say something, because she has that sort of smile. I stared into her eyes,as she stared into mine. About half way through the song, I tried to start a conversation, but she stopped me halfway.

"I love you, and I want to never let you go" Katie said with a smile.

"Wow I love you too, I just never got around to saying it. I don't want to let you go baby!" I replied.

What surprised me the most was when she put her head down on my shoulders and hugged me.It was then that I noticed that sheloved me, and that Ilove her. She cares for memore than anything.

Just before the last slow song came to an end, she gave me a hug, and kissed me on the lips. I gave one back and right then and there we like made out for 2 minutes. So far in my life, that was the best day, ever. After the dance, we hugged again, and said our goodbyes. But to my surprise she called me when I got home, we talked for a solid 2 hours. We texted each other, the whole night.

A couple of days ago, I called her up. I asked her out on a date. I didn't even have to wait 3 seconds before she said yes. After thecall, I ran upstairs, jumped in the shower. Right afterI got out I brushed my teeth, washed my face and got dressed.Because I am not able to drive, my mom drove me down to where Katie lived. When we parked, I got out and walked to her door. I knocked and she answered. She had her pretty blue dress on, and her hair all done up like a china doll. She was wearing heels and looking more beautiful then she has ever been. I took her hand, and walked her to the car. I opened the door for her and let her in, and then I jumped in as well.

At the resturant, we took our seats. We looked at the menus, and thought about what we wanted. About 4 minutes later, a waiter appered and asked what we wanted.

"I'd like a large lasagna with a diet coke, please." I answered.

"And I would like a hamburger platter with water, please." Katie answered.

The waiter wrote it down, and left like a flash. While we were waiting for our food we talked about our relationship, and when we live together and such. I know it's a little eary, but it's never too early with love. For nearly 15 minutes we waited, untill our food arrived. We ate and talked like we were adults. After we weare done eating, our cheque came. She offered to help pay.

"No, no I have the money." I said with a slight smile.

"Alright, thanks." She replied.

Before I called mom, Katie and I walked to Mcallaster Mall. We strolled around and went into some shopping outlets. Arm in arm, we walked outside where mom was waiting in the car. She drove us home. It was dark so my mom couldn't see what we were doing. She had her tongue in my mouth, and my tonuge in hers. We made out the whole way home. Whenwe arrived at her house, we got out. I walked her to her door and gave her the biggest hug, someone could ever give. Just before she went in, she gave me a kiss, and I gave one back. Then we said goodbye.

When I got back home, I went to my bedroom. I just lay there in the dark thinking about what had happened that night. As always, i had my cellphone with me. I texted her thorughout the night. I love her so much, and I always will. She is my life. I love Katie heart

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