"One With The Heavens"

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This is the story/poem of a person looking for happiness but in the form of what.....

Submitted: March 16, 2007

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Submitted: March 16, 2007



"One with the Heavens"

So many intricate details are carved into your existence... and like a maze...I daze into your likeness where… there are no colors that can describe your presence... visions of a rainbow glow in your pupils where the pot of gold ….is as simple as a kiss and the blindness of this utopia ......will not allow me to sleep… so...I day-dream of leaving here and traveling to paradise with you....I am your king...or am I?.. Will you take a ride on my Chariot?... There is enough room to carry your heart, soul, and passion so I'm asking.... Can you and I be..."One with the Heavens"....where we will observe this world from a different perspective.... Where our blessings…….. can never be scorned. This is our moment...I breathe for this moment... and when the creator decides to take me on a ride back to the essence....I would like to be a memory in your universe for generations to come...Can I plant a seed that will grow into a tree of life.... that spreads righteous leaves on the tainted grounds of this "sheep land" nation. I face this dilemma...To live in a Hell where love is only lust or....Our wings can spread and you and I can be..."One with the Heavens"...this is rare...Have you ever been there? Each minute is forever so right now is the future as I sit here and fantasize about you...I rub my eyes and realize that you are only a bag full of ideas that I purchased from the local liquor store....A quiet room and a cold bed allowed me to re-evaluate past relationships over a long island ice tea..."One With The Heavens"... ended up being a bottle with a 12% alcohol volume that resides in the liver of a lonely man......

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