Meet me at the pizza place...

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So when I wrote this I thought that it might be too much to submit, so I wrote another short story in place... hope you like it :)

Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012



“Meet me at the pizza place after school” says the note left in Gabriel’s locker. His best friend Melissa left the note. Of course she knows the lock combination. They have been sharing two lockers for three years. Everyone at school thinks that they are meant for each other, everyone except Melissa. Even Gabriel thinks so, he never told anyone, but he fell in love with Melissa four years ago.

When Gabriel arrived at the pizza place, Melissa was crying. “What is wrong?” he asks. Melissa just kept crying. Gabriel knows that he shouldn’t force her, so he ordered two slices of cheese pizza, her favorite. After one hour of silence, Melissa finally spoke. “I’m pregnant” she says. Gabriel was full of shock, he never imagined Melissa to be in that situation, but most of all, because Melissa’s boyfriend got ahead of him. After that, Melissa says that her boyfriend, Bradley, left… he didn’t want anything to do with the child. Melissa is thinking about abortion.

Gabriel managed to convince Melissa to save the baby. During labor, he helped her keep up with school. He helped raise Melissa’s baby girl. At the end of high school, Melissa’s boyfriend returned, he wants her and the child. He stalks them everywhere and begs for them to come back—she wouldn’t.

Bradley got violent. He can’t take this anymore. He went to their house and tried to get Melissa, but Gabriel was there. Gabriel took a baseball bat and hit Bradley twice in the head, but that did little damage. Bradley quickly stood up and shot Gabriel in the chest. Melissa stabbed Bradley with a knife from the kitchen, but it was too late. Gabriel was dead. Melissa never knew about his desire.

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