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This is one of the first satire pieces I wrote for class.

Submitted: March 22, 2012

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Submitted: March 22, 2012






By Anthony Co


KAINALO CITY – A 45 year-old woman in Kainalo High School was arrested Tuesday night, February 28th from her apartment. She is accused by several students and teachers for giving her 10th graders a project. Parents are devastated to hear this horrible news: “I thought that Kainalo City was the perfect place to go. Almost no crimes, but I never suspected that such insanity lies in the school system” says Carl Gomez, the head of school’s PTA.

According to reports, Asnee Yu was actually teaching her class about the logarithms that can be used to solve an 8x8 Rubik’s cube. After the immense torture, Yu told the class that they are to make a presentation repeating what she taught complete with colorful text and pictures. This was too much for the students. “Everyone started rioting! Can you believe it? Ms. Yu is giving us work! What an insult to the school!” exclaims a student who wishes anonymous to protect himself from other sadistic teachers that might attack him. We are unable to reach the principal of KHS but his spokesperson was able to relay the principal’s messages:

“Mr. Ortega is unavailable right now for he is weeping in the office; he is just devastated by this incident. I am here to pass on his note to everyone;

“This is a great shame to the school. I myself had been a teacher for over three years and never had I seen a single teacher that does their job, none of this exploitation. I greatly apologize to the parents, and most importantly, the students, that were forced to undergo through this agony. I beg all of you to please stay in the high school in exchange for a pizza party.”

Our beloved principal is now arranging his retirement papers because of the humiliation that Asnee Yu had cursed upon the school.”


A group of students from the almost all of the clubs in the school have assembled at the front of the school with posters saying “JUSTICE FOR THE STUDENTS!”, “HANG HER”, and “WE ARE NOT LAB RATS”. The Kiwanis Club, Korean Club, and the Filipino Club are not present.


“We are now looking at all possible charges that can be applied to Yu, we would want to put down as much years as possible on her in order to avoid more tormenting. Right now the most possible charge would be violation of the Geneva Conventions laws on collective punishment which says; No protected person may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. This also applies on teachers that keep their class for the fault of one student.”


Asnee Yu is now in custody awaiting trial on March 8th, 2012.


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