The tale of Felix (happy)

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The tale of beutum and happyness

Submitted: January 14, 2013

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Submitted: January 14, 2013



Inside your head, she's gotten into

But forced was not her entrance

You let her in and let her build

A space just for her

Inside your heart has grown a space

Mimed and forged from your mind

You can tell it to stop before you're out of control

But you don't and watch yourself play host

She watches in silence, a cold frozen statue

A beating heart is there only to fool you

Inside your eyes they can sense fear

They see fear, they eat fear

They are fear,

Inside your stomach the butterflies have died

Comfort has invaded but is not welcome

Inside you voice, she has taken over

She speaks through you and you are no more

You have been chanced and you have been given

You choose to be silent and she speaks through you

Inside you spirit, you know that she isn't

You know she won't give and you know you're imprisoned

Inside you hands, Felix you feel

And she is your Proserpina

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