Containment Trial ~ Final Version

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~Ok so this is my final version of Containment Trial, I promise! Don't think I'll put much of this up~

The year is 2189. Humanity has reached the peak of revolution, and war has broken out as humans scramble to conquer new lands that may hold meaning and challenges for them. In a great war that
lasts for 15 years, a glimmering jewel rises from the ruins of America. Faculas.

In the city of Faculas lives Vivian Tranisse -daughter of High Lord Ryan Tranisse - who knows the secret behind humanity's newest discovery. Cloning. She knows of the crimes that unfurl behind
closed doors. However none of this was her concern, until her household obtained a new Clone servant.

Only this one did not obey. And this one had a name.

Levi Fall.

Levi and Vivian are forced into a reluctant relationship when they must discover the truth of the malfunctioning Clones, and uncover the threat looming over the city of Faculas. Only one question

Which is more important to preserve; humanity or the human race?

~~~I do not own the cover image, all credit goes to respective owners, I am only using it as a working cover while I design my own~~~

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Submitted: April 15, 2018

Prologue "He is truly something magnificent, is he not? An enhancement to our race that is worthy of walking this shattered earth," t... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 15, 2018

Chapter One The morning dawned bright and beautiful, the final strains of sunlight ensuring that they made a grand finale at the end ... Read Chapter