The Weakest Link (Cruel Times Of Depress)

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Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



It's so hard for me to kick
Against the things of what i think
And i've realised that i'm running out of time.

Someone tells me that i'm sick
Someone calls "the weakest link"
Why this life can't be just simply fine?

During cruel times of depress
We have to go and pass this test
But it's difficult to roll over this line.

A solution? You can't guess
Gettin' crushed by your mind's press
A solution? Yes, there is, but you won't find... 

I've been walking on this road, 
Sinking in for all night long, 
Messing all my brain to get a sense of life 

But the answer, now it's gone 
So untouchable, now it's drown 
In this Question Sea, 'cause I'm too scared to dive... 

But i've realised, they hold 
Me from diving though the world 
Let me go to see my life's sunshine 

"You must do what you was told" 
As they said to me, don't want 
Let me go and watch on world goes by...

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