Uniquely Common

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This poem's title is Uniquely Common. It describes the status of a typical high school relationship which includes the wonder and amazement of the love between the couple, and when they will express it, then goes on to describe the couple's insecurity of whether this relationship will have a significant impact on their partner's life. The sonnet continues to show how couples eventually drift away from each other due to adultery or through loss of interest by the eyes wandering from the attention of the partner. Finally, the sonnet concludes with the eventual departure from the thoughts of their old relationship. I wrote this poem to express my previous relationship with a girl I had fallen in love with, but fate assured the eventual downfall of our relationship. The title signifies the commonality of a relationship, but also expresses how each relationship is unique for everyone.

Submitted: April 28, 2010

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Submitted: April 28, 2010



How could you say that you truly love me?
You do not know what to possibly say.
Our eyes don't meet, yet you judge what you see.
And then I think, "Will you love me today?"

Will you remember our tremulous past?
Will you think back and begin to believe?
Should we have gone so incredibly fast?
Or was there really something to achieve?

How could we have been such unfaithful fools?
I do not think our eyes should have wandered,
Releasing demons and terrible ghouls,
These terrible thoughts I've sat and pondered.

Was there really a way to make it last?
It matters no longer, it's in the past.

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Uniquely Common

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