On Labor and the Minimum Wage

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Submitted: April 23, 2008

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Submitted: April 23, 2008



It is my biased opinion, that all men are created equal, and that the people have certain inalienable rights that cannot be taken by, and must be insured by the civil authorities. These ideas are at the core of the document that begat our great republic, the Declaration of Independence, America, the land of freedom and opportunity. To measure up to this claim, although the streets are not lined with gold, we must not only insure the civil liberties of our citizenry, but to insure that “We the People”, as penned by our founding fathers, insure that opportunity is alive and well in our nation, that a rising tide lifts all boats, not only the top ten percent of the boats. I believe, therefore, that that the nation of unlimited possibility, is truly living up to its name. May we not be spited for hypocrisy, we must fight for a minimum wage that can allow all peoples to save, a minimum wage of twelve to fifteen dollars. A minimum wage that allows all, from the Fortune 500 executives to the workers in the field, picking the food on your table, can afford a house, and a healthy meal for their family. This oppression of the less fortunate must desist now! It sickens me to think that a single mother must go into huge amounts of debt and work countless hours to even have the hope of supporting her children. To insure their future, and make their lives better (a quick fix for the abortion crisis would be a high minimum wage that allows mothers to financially support their future children). To call ourselves American we must not hold down the workers and poor of our nation for if we do soon Denmark will be able to call themselves “the new land of opportunity”. The American dream is attainable by those who reach, let us give them a steeping stool. Furthermore, it is in my belief system that the ability to freely form unions, in any situation regarding work. It is essential to do this so the workers can protect themselves from unsafe and unjust labor practices. It is essential to do this so the workers can protect themselves from unsafe and unjust labor practices. There are those that claim that regulation and unionization are unnecessary, there are also those who claim that a minimum wage should not be more than two dollars, but I say to them simply this. Have you ever tried to support those in your family on two fifty an hour, years ago that might have been true, but now!? I say nay. Have you ever tried to negotiate with a corporation on your own for a better work environment or higher pay. I say to you, regulations and unions were created to do the things that the corporations refused to do on their own, be just. So before you spew hate against the poor, how they are too stupid to obtain a real job and pay their own way, remember this. Jesus’ family, poor, along with all of the twelve disciples and even they could not rise above material hardship. The King of Kings was born, and died poor. Also before you spew evil about unions, remember, unless your family came here rich, you most likely are a descendent of a factory worker or a farmer, the factory worker was most likely a union man and the farmer, poor or a plantation owner. Think about that.

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