A Death Note-

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The death of someone whose love was taken for granted

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013




Feelings a mess my mind in stress

no I can't say it easy because my chest is bleeding 

I have to get it out before my blood runs out 

Im running out of time curse these feelings of mine 

its like they hate me  so I hate them 

I remember the times that we were once friends


give me a second let me catch my breath i almost lost consciousness. 

My heart is heavy and my stitches have torn, it was healed already I could've sworn

I write to speak and speak to be heard but without your love I could make no words 

I'm starting to get dizzy my body's become weak theres no use fighting it my mood has become bleak 

someone go call 911 my eyes have gone blury and I'm feeling lite headed

this feeling I've waited for but long since dreded 

my body is dying theres no use crying because when i see you crying I feel like your lying 

you love to see the ink made from my blood but your love seemed pure never sullied by mud 

I guess the only thing left to say is goodbye not to you but to me 

did you forget that I'm dying, yes I still love you so i can't stop crying 

I'm just reminding you that I'll never stop trying


Sorry I blackedout for a minute, I'd love to keep writing but my time has run out 

my hole has bin dug and my coffin is ready but I pray and i hope that you dont forget me 

I love the words you spoke they were caring and kind they filled my heart more with thoughts of you and I

until it came were I could take no more 

loving you killed me but in a good way dreams of you saying yes when I ask you to stay 

deaths calling my name its time for me to go but before I leave I thought you should know 

that you inspired me more than ever before 

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