Remaining Open

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My view on the advice the if you open up yourself you will find someone

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013




to remain open allows yourself to grow

it also means that your heart is shown

to the weather but you say who betterto expose it to

because he/she is my boo and there isnt anyting we wouldnt make it through

until that time comes where the pounding of the drums

means the utter demise of one of u guys

wether the hurter or hurtee what more do you see

other than someone in sorrow and to them theres no tomorrow

just days of great agony seeing other people lovingly

stroll around town while your hearts in the ground

but not just in it i mean 6ft under it no longer beats like thunder

the rumbling roar is now no more

but a while passes and someone passes

and pulls you away from those shot glasses

they see that your down an help you to come around

they help you to your feet and you turn to greet your rescuer

and their eyes their smile sends you miles

a bumping starts faster and faster

your heats alive showing you it never died

it was just hidden behind your misery but now it came back to say

"I'm feeling better stronger than ever, was waiting for you to get your act together."

So now your back, back at square 1 but this time would be more fun

because you've bin to the worst now you've found better

a learning experience is what it was thats all it is in this game called love

cause whats the point falling without enjoying the fall!

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