The Paying Guests

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Two paying Guests come to live with Rajan in his flat .Chasing the bollywood dream. What conspires between them and the land loard

Submitted: December 22, 2012

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Submitted: December 22, 2012




The broker got her to see my house it was the first time I had meet with her .She was slim tall around 5ft 3 inch , tanned complexion long flowing hair . “Sir madam ji actress baney ke liye Mumbai aayein hein “ the broker introduced us . She shook my hand and said “ Hi I am Shaila from Birmingham.” .

“You have come all the way from the United Kingdom to become and actress “ I said. She nodded as if to a firm . She walked around the house with the broker .I took her to the Kitchen and then showed her the rooms . She liked the drawing room very much .I reminded her that she will be confined to her room and will not be allowed to venture into the drawing room area .I was in no mood to give a mere paying guest the option of using the entire house . She was quiet at first and then said “ This will be near to Sagar Sen acting classes , I won’t have to get up early also . A child playing in the swing outside in the garden caught her eye , she looked at him with bemused eyes . The child was trying to climb the swing and forever failing to do so.

“ I like the room and the view plus it will be closer to my acting classes then that place in Malad we saw earlier . How much for the  room” she inquired . I gave a staunch reply “that will be rupees ten thousand and nothing less then that will do”. I looked at the broker who nodded with his approval . “Ok then Rajan I will take it .What will be the deposit.” She said ,” One lakh “ I barked out.

The deal was done, Shaila had this way she always leaned forward when she was talking to you .As if to try and make her point more forcefully . She was slender and knew her way as a woman . I had gauged her at first she would be willing to do anything to get ahead in the big bad world of bollywood. She was a new arrival into the city , the daughter of any immigrant Pakistani family who owned a clothes showroom in Birmingham . She had an elder brother and a younger sister both were studying in the United Kingdom .She had come to know about Sagar Sen acting classes and had come to India to study acting with them. She had also qualified for a talent contest called “ Apka Hunar”. In which she was to participate next weekend .

“ So it’s just been a few weeks in the country and you are part of the biggest talent contest on T.V Apka Hunar, girl you must be really hot I remarked .”

“not really , I just got lucky “ she said and strolled into her room . I had a servant boy in those days who use to stay with me . I instructed chotu to help Shaila with the cleaning of her room and bathroom . I had given her the spare key so that she could come and go as she pleased .I was not very strict with her not coming back home in time . I just let her be. Slowly when I thought things were right I gave her access to the kitchen to cook also . A girl far away from home needs some help to get by I thought to myself. It was nice having a girl walk around the house  keeps the blood flowing in the old ginger.

One night I was returned home early .The door of her room was open , I took a peep. To my delight their was another girl sitting on Shaila’s bed and Shaila was sitting on the chair giggling away to glory. “oh Rajan this is Mandy she just moved in to Mumbai this weekend , I was wondering if she can stay with me .After all she is from my home town . I looked at Mandy her booming white body, heavy cheeks and a rip roaring ass. She was very sexy with was short and toned thighs and legs. “Take her away I remarked.” As if to drive the point home how much I dig her .I did not have the heart to let Mandy go . She caught my fancy instantly.

This was going to be a healthy threesome I could see . One afternoon while I was taking a nap I heard the door bell ring . I answered the door their was a guy standing their with a mini fridge. I asked “ for who.” It was for a Ms Shaila ,wow a mini fridge the girl is making progress I thought to myself. The next day the door bell rang again .Now there was a 40 inch television set for Shaila again .i enquired “ who is sending these to my paying guest .” The man at the door remarked “It’s from Sagar Sen classes.” “

“Are they having some kind of a discount offer, that in roll with us and get a TV and Fridge free.”By the time I had finished the man walked away.

Mandy had this habit she always wore pink even her dolls and teddies were pink . She had come from Birmingham to become an actress just like Shaila . But she was more adventurous and was doing Telegu Cinema . I use to often see her in her frilly nightgown taking out the milk in the morning dew , her skin rupturing in the sun looked like honey dew . Ah ! my Mandy the eye candy.  She and Shaila would play monopoly till the wee hours of the night. Fighting with each other and prancing about. Once Mandy came heavily scared from a shoot they had made the poor girl dance in the sun for hours .The skin on her shoulders had caught a sun burn and she was in sheer pain . I held her hand to give her some comfort then took her to my room .I sat he on the bed and slowly massaged her shoulders with sun cream. My soft hands caressing her skin as I breathed life back into her. She gave me a little kiss on my cheeks and said thanks you, you are great. That was it my day was made I went out that day and did some shopping , some new shirts , shoes  and a sweat shirt from the local mall .I relived the incident again and again in my mind. I mean their she was on my bed sitting their like a duck .I should have just grabbed her and smooched her , I thought.

It was clear now that some thing had to be done about these gifts that were coming for Shaila from Sagar Sen classes .They don’t pamper all their students that way . It could be that Mr. Sen has taken a liking to our little girl. I mean it’s bollywood for god sakes things one has to do to move ahead in this world.

I was especially very tired today some friends had come over in the afternoon and we had been gossiping and smoking pot the entire day . I had given chotu a holiday and retired to bed early that day. I was woken up by a bad dream and went to the kitchen to get some water to drink . As I was coming out of the kitchen I saw a tall man walking in the corridor he had just come out of Shaila’s room. He looked at me and said in an embarrassed tone “ Hi I am Sagar Sen”, you must be the land lord Mr. Raj “. He shook my hand firmly. I was taken a back at first I mean what was this man doing in the middle of the night in my house. “ Hello sir I have seen many films of yours and I am a big fan.” .I asked him to join me for a glass of juice in the living room . “ No  don’t worry I had just come over to give Shaila her trophy , she has won the best actress award in Apka Hunar talent contest .I had just come to congratulate her . In the middle of the night I said to myself, he was indeed a dirty old man. He soon left in a hurry. I followed him down and asked the society guards. They said it has been over two hours they saw a man wearing a monkey cap and sunglasses entering my flat. So Mr. Sen has been having one hell of a time in my flat with my tenant.

Next morning I picked up the morning newspaper and saw Shalia’s photo as the winner of Apka Hunar contest and guess who was one of the judge of the contest, it was Mr. Sen off course . After winning the competition she signed a one film deal also, this was off course a film being made under Mr. Sagar Sen’s  banner. Now the pieces of the jig saw fitted beautifully. Sagar Sen was banging Shaila and in return she was getting to climb the bollywood ladder at a brisk pace. The dirty old man has a wife and two grown up kids almost my age and here he was banging this young girl who happened to be my tenant . Man it’s my house and he is having all the fun.

I switched on the television and pop came an interview of his wife Indrani  Sen she was talking to some journalist about what a rip roaring married life she has and how Sagar adores her and can’t live with out her blah blah . I mean what a wind bag does she have a clue as to what is going on with Shalia and her husband . I mean these guys have made my house into their little love nest. Of course she must be knowing but now she is looking the other way. Anything to save the fake marriage after all she has kids from the guy. So as far as the public go she and Sagar are a great team and will remain so . Shalia’s of this world are just distractions who come and go but their marriage remains as strong as ever.

I asked Shaila to come and join me for a cup of tea in the drawing room . She came over , I asked her rather abruptly “ are you having an affair with Mr. Sagar Sen ?”  She was taken a back at first but then regained her composure . “ No Rajan yaar he is just a mentor of mine and is very helpful in getting me work , he is also my teacher apart from that there is nothing much going on between us . I man you can ask  Mandy if you wish .” I was not ready to take this story but none the less I kept quiet. I mean it was Mumbai after all every body is use to minding their own business here .Who was I to interfere and I was also very broad minded sex in my house well I would allow that only if I would be getting some too .

Mandy was in a play full mood in the afternoon she sat on the sofa and said “Rajan teach me the meditation you keep doing in the morning, I also want some enlightenment .” I looked at her and said,” darling you need perfect concentration for that otherwise you just won’t get the buzz.” I put some soft music around and told her to sit in an lotus like posture. She instantly took to the meditation like  a yogini .Her body was more supple , agile and fit . She breathed normally and slowly I took her to the peaks of meditative ecstasy.  I could see her glowing skin her tight ass and her firm breasts peeking out of her top . She was like a raw mango ready  for the taking . But some how or the other I couldn’t get myself to grab her , I was always scared that she might cause a scene . As these notorious thoughts were whizzing in my mind , she opened her eyes and smiled . “ I loved it Rajan this meditation stuff is awesome it took me to another plain , I forgot all my worries and problems .I just sunk into it.” She kissed me on the cheek and said thank you. I again went into a tizzy man what would it be like to make love to this woman, a mere kiss on the cheek from her and she takes me to the seventh heaven . Full fledged sex with her will take me to another planet.

As I was distracted by thoughts of having sex with her . She had already started narrating me her sob story . She had run away from home and had come to Mumbai to become an actress. Her father owned a fish and chip shop in Birmigham and was an alcoholic who beat up his mother often and neglected the kids . She had another sister who was much younger then her . It was after watching Dil Wale Dulahiya le jayein ge that she decided to finally come to Mumbai to become an actress. I could sympathies with her unlike Shaila she had no mentor, I kept my hand on her head” It will be a pleasure make love to you girl.” She was taken a back by that and she ran into her room. I ran after her she shut the door on my face and said “this is the girls room.“

Oh man my efforts were throttled again just a quick fuck that’s all I wanted and I am the land lord for god sake. Mandy remained a bit reserved from me after that incident, it was obvious to her that I was like a tiger on the prowl. But there are no free lunches in this world and she wanted to live in my house for free without sharing the rent with Shaila.

Cocaine addiction is something else it’s  a great drug , takes you high gives you an inflated ego makes you horny a perfect party drug . I had become habitual to it while I was in Mumbai. It was available with ease and your friendly neighborhood Nigerian dealer was always there to help one out. I use to have two to three grams of coke every day in those days .Now coke makes you feel horny and also makes you very selfish .The two emotions don’t go hand in hand .If you want a fuck you have to spend money and can’t be selfish . But a drug that makes you horny and selfish well that’s a different story. So I kept taking the rent from Mandy and kept hoping that I would get to fuck her one day. She on the other hand kept thinking that may be I was not getting the hint. She obviously wanted to stay in the house rent free. So after a few days of posturing it finally happened.

She came to my room and said “ Rajan my blouse hook has gone for a toss can you hook it up for me . I said that’s it, that’s my moment I pulled the zip down and kissed her on her neck and shoulders.She pulled away and said “no Rajan I am not attracted to you.” The stupid bitch it was all an act I could see that, an act to get to live in my house for free. I looked up at her grabbed my cock which was hard by now after snorting a few lines of coke. I asked her to leave the room immediately if she was not ready for a quick shag. She left I followed her to her room, she said she did not fancy me sexually and shut the door. The little tart she wanted me to let her stay for free then only would she give it to me.

Two days had gone by I was over with the coke and wanted to buy a few grams more .It was also the beginning of the month .I was now in the selfish mode .So I walked into the girls room and asked for the rent . They were both taken aback as if their plan had failed Shaila who was part of the plan looked at me with surprise .” Rent what rent , I thought you liked Mandy . “ I did but right now my nose was twitching not my cock , so I needed the rent money which I took from Mandy . They were both shocked to see their plan fail. I took the cash and bought some more coke and started snorting it merrily in my room. You see selfish and horny at the same time things can get rather edgy .

Next morning my coke hangover was still on .Mandy came into my room and said we have found another apartment to live in we will be leaving in a month time. I realized this was because of me  , the girls had played up to me so that they could stay in my house for free .I in turn wanted a fuck for free , I mean it was not meant to be . So I said why I month they could leave now if they wished. “Bugger off you tramps , all you wanted was not to pay the rent . I can get better fucks then you for free.” I sent messages to Mandy the entire day telling her to vacate my home instantly.

Next morning I was rudely awoken by the door bell .To my horror three cops were at the door waiting for me. “There is a complaint against you by your tenants, they say you have been sexually harassing them.” I wore my shirt and they took me to the police station in their police van.

I was asked to wait in the crowded waiting room of the station .I sat their on the bench thinking what the hell was going on . Then a hawaldar took me to the station officers room . Mandy was sitting their she showed the officer the sms’s that I had sent her. “So you sir have been harassing your tenant , do you know if I book you , your record will be ruined. “ I stood their and ranted “ Did you not ask me to do up your blouse button.” Mandy looked at me and said “have you looked at your face.” It was not a pleasant site . The officer was an intelligent man , he took me to the side and said “ give me rupees five thousand and one thousand to the Hawaldar. Then say sorry to the girl and leave.” I did just that and left the station in a huff

By the end of the day both the girls had vacated my house and silence had returned again.

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