Mind Reading Techniques (Part-1)

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Mind Reading Techniques implies combination of Face reading and Action reading. Some techniques which we observe in our daily life have been discussed in this article.

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013




Can we really read other person’s mind?


Some people say mind reading is an art, it’s an inherent quality. But really I don‘t feel that way. Anyone can learn this technique with sheer interest & certainly with experience. Mind reading in layman’s language is nothing but combination of face & action reading. Sometimes facial expressions are enough to fix on what going in other person’s mind. But most of the times it is the combination of facial expressions & body language. These two mind reading techniques with some gained experience can yield to 90-95% accurate results.

In this article I will talk about some simple techniques which we observe in our daily routine. So, let’s get started.

  1. Sweat drops on face especially in moustache area & forehead area is a sign of nervousness provided it is not too hot. Sitting roughly with straight back but body leaned forward is a clear sign of nervousness.
  1. Walking slow is an indication of stressful & strainful mind. In the moments of stress & worry mind automatically directs our body to slow down its pace, while if someone is cheerful his pace of doing work increases. But yes guys’ exceptions of-course is if someone is very tired.
  1. Ask somebody a question. If he replies back maintaining normal eye contact, it’s normal but if he replies back looking only half into your eyes then it depicts his lack of confidence in his answer. Moreover you can also check the size of his eyeballs. If it contracts it shows lack of confidence which may be driven by either lack of interest.
  1. Imagine a situation. There are two friends Shrikant & Joy. Shrikant greets Joy by saying, “Good morning Joy “How are you this morning? Joy replied smiling but with no eye contact, “Good morning Shrikant.”

    Shrikant asked Joy,” Hey Joy, what happened? Very deep in thoughts?”

    Joy surprisingly asked, “How do you know Shrikant?

    Now it will be interesting to know, what Shrikant noted about Joy. Shrikant responded, “You replied with plain expressions, without maintaining eye contact & continue to do your work.”So I get an idea.

    This is a perfect example of face & action reading. Someone replying with plain expression (without expression of excitement/attentiveness), without maintaining eye contact & rolling on his work is a clear indication of a person to in deep thought process.

  1. To maintain a relationship (friendship or any other) it is utmost necessary to respect the feelings of other person/your friend. “STOP” button is important in every relationship. Halting at the right time is important in every relationship. But please keep a note this is not applicable to each relationship of yours. Irritation level can be identified when somebody deliberately closes his eyes often when you speak & lean back from his present position. Taking deep breaths is also an indication. He may also interrupt you quiet often when you speak. If you notice any of these actions/reactions from anyone just be alert.

Every one of us has the ability to understand the mood of other person through his facial expressions & sometimes by studying his body language. Mind reading is considered as one of the most crucial trait in many professions like that of police & lawyers. You guys can endeavour the above mentioned points from today & it will be interesting to know your experience. Remember knowledge of behaviour science with experience can work wonders in life.

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