The Twofold Murder

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There is a twofold murder of a College Student. Inspector Sukhwindar Sandhu with his right hand Constable Sanmaan Singh is there to solve the murder mystery. Will they be able to do it?Here presenting a short story full of suspense and mystery.

Submitted: September 08, 2013

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Submitted: September 08, 2013







‘Call the police.’ A middle aged man named Vinay Parikh said sobbing.

‘Hello, Police Station….. This is Sameer Ahluvalia speaking from Kala Nagar, Bandra.

My neighbor Mr. Vinay Parikh’s daughter, Muskan Parikh, is found murdered today morning in her room. Please note down their address……


Mr. Vinay Parikh lives in a 2 BHK flat in Gokul Society, Kala Nagar, Bandra with her wife, & one daughter. Mr. Parikh is a small businessman having an electronics shop at Bandra itself. Mr. Parikh’s daughter Muskan is a 2nd year student.


‘Police can reach here any moment.’ Sameer informed Mr. Parikh.



Police Van arrived at the society porch.

Inspector Sukhwindar Sandhu got down from the Van in style and took a look at the 15-storey building.

‘Which floor?’ He asked his constable cum trusted assistant Sanmaan Singh.

‘Ground floor Sir, flat no.02.’ Sanmaan Singh said.


Inspector Sukhwindar Sandhu entered the Flat no.2 after observing the name plate on the door which says Mr. Vinay Parikh & Mrs. Anita Parikh”. He saw mourning everywhere in the house and realized the heavy and molded atmosphere but he had been assistant in 25 murder cases previously, so he was accustomed of such heavy mood. It was his first independent case as the in charge.


Inspector Sukhwindar Sandhu is a 6 feet tall Surd with sharp features. He is around 30 years of age and has recently been posted to Mumbai. Inspector Sandhu is the topper of his batch trained at Ambala Cantt. 40 inch chest and 18 inch biceps make him look like a WWF wrestler. He has been awarded “President’s police medal” for his extra-ordinary contribution to police department.


‘Are you Mr. Vinay Parikh?’ He asked the person with the most tears.

‘Yes sir, I am the ill-starred father whose daughter has been murdered.’ Vinay Parikh said more mournfully.

‘Sorry to hear that! I am Inspector Sukhwindar Sandhu How all this has happened?’ He asked putting a sympathetic hand on Mr. Parikh’s shoulder.


‘I don’t know Sir, last night she was perfectly fine and happy. In fact yesterday only we were planning for a picnic this weekend. Bur when we woke up in the morning she was……’Mr. Parikh burst into tears.


‘Hmm…..who saw the body first by the way?’ Inspector Sandhu twisted his head left & right to examine the individuals in the room.


‘Her mother! When Muskan doesn’t wake up till 10:00 in the morning her mother Mrs. Anita Parikh thumped her door which is bolted from inside. But when she doesn’t open for 15 minutes, we with the help of our neighbor broke the door.’ A black & tall man resembling Mr. Parikh said. ‘Please don’t ask her mother anything, she is not in a status to talk.


‘Who is he?’ Inspector Sandhu asked Mr. Vinay Parikh.


‘He is my brother. He lives in South Africa.’ Mr. Vinay Parikh informed.


‘Hmmmm……Do you have doubt on anyone?’ Inspector Sukhwindar Sandhu asked Mr. Vinay Parikh.


‘We are simple people; we don’t have enmity with anyone…….but yes, I think Shekhar Khatri could be the one.’ Mr. Parikh said after a pause.


‘Who is this Shekhar Khatri?’ Inspector Sandhu asked anxiously.


‘He is a playboy in my daughter’s college and that rascal; moron had trapped my daughter too. My daughter is too innocent that she has mistaken him to be his true lover.’

Mr. Parikh eyes burned in anger.

‘Actually Mr. Sandhu, Shekhar is after our money. We have warned him to stay away from our daughter but he has threatened us that ‘Muskan’ belongs to him only and he will not let Muskan marry anybody else.’ Mr. Parikh continued.


‘But your daughter do loved him, right?’ Inspector Sandhu enquired.


‘Yes Sir initially, the mere attraction which she mistaken as love, but last week she has understood the true character of Shekhar. She wanted to break it up with him and it is against the wishes of that bastard, so I doubt he might have killed her ’Mr. Parikh again started sobbing like a female.


‘Ok! We will see to it. ‘Sanmaan’ send the body for the post-mortem and seal this room until the investigation gets over.’ Inspector Sandhu ordered his trusted man.


‘As you say Sir’ Constable Sanmaan Singh reacted immediately.


‘When I will get back the body of my daughter’ Mr. Parikh asked Inspector Sandhu.


‘Within 24 hours. Anyways do you have the address of Shekhar Khatri?’ Inspector Sandhu asked Mr. Parikh.

‘Yes Sir! I will get it for you. I am sure he is involved in this murder. Please don’t spare that bastard.’ Mr. Parikh’s eyed turned red more of anger than crying.


‘Don’t worry! If he is the culprit he will be behind the bars soon.’ Inspector Sandhu said convincingly.


‘What next sir’ Sanmaan Singh asked puzzled.


‘Let’s talk to the Building’s watchman first and then we will go to Shekhar Khatri’s house.’ Inspector Sandhu said decisively.

‘Sir, Can we break in between. My wife has not given me breakfast today.’ Constable Sanmaan Singh pleaded.

‘Fought again?’ Inspector Sandhu laughed.

‘She fights with me all the time. The natural phenomenon in females. You will understand once you will get married.’ Constable Sanmaan Singh said.


Inspector Sandhu gave an offended look to Sanmaan Singh.’ Let’s meet the watchman.’


‘Whatever you have seen spit that out. I don’t have much time.’ Inspector Sandhu ordered the Watchman impatiently.

‘Sir, I have seen nothing. God promise sir.’ Watchman said in scared tone.

‘A teenage girl has been murdered in the society. You are the watchman & you are saying you have seen nothing’ Inspector Sandhu said in highly raised voice enough to shatter the watchman.


‘Sir, I am not the only watchman. I was on 10 A.M. - 10 P.M. shift yesterday. Night Shift watchman may be able to help you’ Watchman said.

‘Call the other one immediately.’ Inspector Sandhu ordered waving his hands.


‘So you were in the night Shift yesterday. How much was your napping time.’ Inspector Sandhu asked in lightening voice, hard enough to scare the two watchmen.


‘Sir, truly I didn’t slept even for a second. God promise, mother promise.’ Night sift watchman said.’ But yes Sir, we have the make over time of 5 minutes when we change our shifts.


‘So during that time there was no body at the gate.’ Inspector Sandhu asked.


‘No Sir! That was the time when anyone can enter without getting noticed.’ Morning shift watchman said.


‘Ok! Will call you if needed. You both may go now.’ Inspector Sandhu said.


‘How is it possible to come, kill someone & leave within 5 minutes?’ Inspector Sandhu murmured to himself in a chain of thoughts.


‘Sir, murderer could be someone from the building?’ Sanmaan Singh said breaking Sandhu’s chain of thoughts.


‘May be! Let’s check around the house first if we get any clue.’ Inspector Sandhu ordered his team.


Sandhu’s team searched the whole area around the house but could not find much.


‘Let’s move towards the back side of the house.’ Inspector Sandhu said.


The whole team of Inspector Sandhu searched for a clue as hungry cranes searches for the fishes in the pond


‘Nothing Sir!’ We are wasting our time. …Sanmaan Singh said after searching hard, wiping droplets of sweat from his forehead.


‘Hmmmm…Let’s move from here!’ Inspector Sandhu also felt tired.


As they were about to move, Inspector Sandhu observed some irregular lumps in the sand near the window. He bent on his knees to have a deep look at the aberrant sand.


‘Someone has tried to plug the sand abruptly.’ Inspector Sandhu said. He wiped some sand from the area and a wide smile appeared on his face.


”Sanmaan” take the pictures & collect the sample of the sand.’ Inspector Sandhu yelled.

Sanmaan Singh came with the camera and took a close look at the ground. He observed four deep holes on the ground.


‘What is this Sir?’ Sanmaan Singh asked still puzzled.


‘These are the four holes on the ground just outside the Muskan’s bedroom. It appears that murderer has entered in Muskan’s bedroom through this window. Since this window is about 8 feet from the ground so it seems that the murderer has used a stool to reach the window.’ Inspector Sandhu said.


Send the sample of sand to Forensic department for testing. I will call Dr. Hansraj Awasthi to test it.’ Inspector Sandhu said.


‘What is in the sample of this sand sir? What is the mystery?’ Constable Sanmaan Singh said scratching his head.


‘You will come to know about it soon. Now, hurry up, lazy bones. Collect the sample & arrange to send it to Dr. Hansraj Awasthi.’ Inspector Sandhu said as he got ready to move from there.


‘As you say Sir.’ Constable Sanmaan Singh repeated his standard dialogue


As a next step of investigation Inspector Sandhu reached Shekhar Khatri’s bachelor accommodation.

‘So Mr. Shekhar Khatri, you know Miss Muskan Parikh?’ Inspector Sandhu asked Shekhar.

‘Yes Sir, we were friends.’ Shekhar said innocently.


Inspector Sandhu took a look at the 20 year old boy Shekhar Khatri who is being interrogated as a suspected killer. He lives in a bachelor accommodation in a boy’s hostel. The 20 year boy is of wheatish complexion with gymnasts type body build up. He has innocence of a kid on his face.


‘Only friends?’ Inspector Sandhu asked.


‘More than a friend Sir.’ Shekhar said.


‘You have threatened to kill Muskan when her Parents warned you to stay away from her.’ Inspector Sandhu asked Shekhar


‘No Sir this is a lie.’ Shekhar said avoiding eye contact.


‘Look Son, better you speak the truth or I have other ways too.’ Inspector Sandhu said taking out his Pistol.


‘Sir! Sir! Please keep it inside. I will tell you the truth. I have threatened her parents just because of anger. I really did not mean it. I know about my image in the college but I really loved Muskan from my heart.’ And Shekhar started sobbing.


Hmmmm….I believe you. But I have search warrant. Inspector Sandhu said and directed his men to search.


‘Nothing Sir! Not found.’ His men declared after searching his one room tiny accommodation.

‘Fine Shekhar! Right now I am leaving but remember you are still under suspicion.’ You cannot leave Mumbai without our permission.


‘Why don’t you interrogate with Sachin as well. He is a known psycho of our college.’ Shekhar said as he saw Inspector Sandhu and his team leaving.


‘Now, who is this Sachin?’ Inspector Sandhu asked as he saw the entry of a new character into play.


‘Sir his full name is “Sachin Parihar”. He is a psycho and more than that he also had a crush on Muskan. In his utter madness he can go to any extent.’ Shekhar said. ‘In the college, he simply half killed his classmate because his classmate has taken his lecture note without his permission.’ Shekhar said all in one breathe.


‘How you know he has a crush on Muskan?’ Inspector Sandhu asked.


‘Sachin has proposed Muskan, but since Muskan has decided to get steady with me so she declined his proposal very calmly. Sachin also did not said anything that time but later his friends said he got really mad on rejection and in drunk status he declared that he will either kill me or Muskan.’ Shekhar said recollecting.


‘Where this Sachin lives?’ Inspector Sandhu enquired and got ready to meet one more suspect.



‘Is Sachin at home?’ Inspector Sandhu asked an elderly male.


‘Yes! He is in his room. But what is the deal Inspector. I am his father.’


‘He is suspected of murdering a girl named “Muskan Parikh” Inspector Sandhu said.


‘What are you saying Inspector? Are you Insane? Sachin’s father said angrily.


‘See! You please cooperate with us. Call your son immediately.’ Inspector Sandhu said frosting Sachin’s father.


‘Ok Inspector! But you have highly mistaken.’ Sachin’s father said and shouted for his son.



‘So tell me fast Sachin, why you killed Muskan?’ Inspector Sandhu surprised everybody with his straight forward question.


‘What are you saying Sir? Who is this Muskan?’ Sachin tried to be innocent.


‘Oho! This kid does not know Muskan?’ Inspector Sandhu said laughing.


Inspector Sandhu had a deep look at “Sachin Parihar” who is around 20 years of age, fair colored, lean like a starving child and of 6 feet height.


‘Look son! Don’t force me to use my extra-curricular ways for making you vent everything.’ Inspector Sandhu said clutching the collar of Sachin.


Sir! Sir! Please. ‘Yes, I know Muskan. I loved her but she didn’t.’ Sachin said in scary voice.’ But truly I didn’t murder her.


‘Why do you think I should believe you?’ Inspector Sandhu said in a firm voice.

‘You have no choice as you don’t have any evidence against me.’ Sachin said in a bit confident tone.


Sachin was right. Inspector Sandhu was taking a chance. He does not have any evidence against Sachin.


‘Fine! But I have the search warrant.’ Inspector Sandhu said and directed his men to start the search.


After searching for almost half an hour Sandhu’s men declared “Not found” again.


‘Mr. Sachin! We are leaving for now but remember you are still a suspect. So you better don’t leave this city without my permission.’ Inspector Sandhu said and left with his men.



Next day in the morning Inspector Sandhu ordered his men to get into the Police van


‘Sir, where are we going now?’ Constable Sanmaan Singh asked as he got into the driver’s seat.


‘Mr. Parikh’s house. Let us have a look at the crime spot once again.’ Inspector Sandhu said thoughtfully.


Mr. Parikh’s house is 20 minute run from the Bandra Police Station.


Inspector Sandhu pressed the bell of Mr. Parikh. A young girl opened the door. Inspector Sandhu got surprised to see the girl.


‘Who is it Ananya?’ Mr. Parikh enquired from inside.


‘A Police Inspector is on the gate uncle.’ Ananya replied.


‘Oh! Inspector Sandhu. Do please come in.’ Mr. Parikh said who in the meantime has also reached on the entrance.

‘Who is this girl?’ Inspector Sandhu asked Mr. Parikh.


‘This is Ananya Tripathi. She is Muskan’s best friend and lives in our neighbor. She is like my second daughter.’ Mr. Parikh said with tears in his eyes.


Inspector Sandhu took a look at the girl named “Ananya Tripathi”. She is young enough but has the innocence of a 10 year old kid on her face.


 ‘Hmmm… Mr. Parikh! We require searching Muskan’s room again.’ Inspector Sandhu said and walked towards Muskan’s bedroom.


All Sandhu’s men started searching for evidence desperately. More than a day has passed and they were travelling in the dark searching for light, which till now they have not sighted.


Inspector Sandhu took a look at the book shelf. Suddenly Inspector Sandhu got a Diary which happens to be Muskan’s daily dairy.

‘Muskan is having the habit of writing a diary?’ Inspector Sandhu enquired from Mr. Parikh.

‘Yes, she has but I don’t know much about it.’ Mr. Parikh said.


Inspector Sandhu started reading the diary. He flipped the pages one by one. With each flipping his smile got broader.


‘Nothing Sir. I have always heard in the suspense serials & novels that murderer always leave some evidence behind, but this story seems to be different.’ Sanmaan Singh said puzzled.


‘You are right the story is different. In this story Muskan is helping us in finding her murderer. I strongly think we have got our culprit.’ Inspector Sandhu replied winking.

‘Mr. Parikh where is Ananya?’


‘What are you doing Inspector’ Ananya’s father Mr. Sushil Tripathi yelled as he saw Inspector Sandhu and his men storming in Ananya’s house like a Tempest.


‘Where is Ananya? Call her immediately.’ Inspector Sandhu cracked in his strong voice.

‘What’s the deal Inspector?’ Ananya’s father asked stressfully.


‘Who is it dad?’ Ananya asked coming out of her room.

Inspector Sandhu got a wide smile on his face watching Ananya coming out of her room.


He immediately ordered lady constables to get hold of Ananya & send Sanmaan Singh to search for the evidence.


‘What is this? Leave me.’ Ananya yelped as the two lady constables clutched her elbow.

‘Leave me! What is this Inspector? I will lodge your complaint to the Commissioner.’ Ananya tried to threaten Inspector Sandhu.


Inspector Sandhu only laughed hard in the reply.


“Here is a stool sir” Sanmaan Singh brought the stool as evidence.


‘I have already called Dr. Hansraj Awasthi. He can be here any moment.’ Inspector Sandhu said taking a look at his watch.


Soon the Forensic Van arrived in the porch of the building. Dr. Sunaina Mehta, assistant of Dr. Awasthi from forensic arrived with her testing kit.


‘You? Where is Dr. Awasthi?’ Inspector Sandhu asked as he saw Dr. Sunaina coming.


‘He is busy in some other work. I am here representing him. Tell me where the evidence is?’ Dr. Sunaina said without looking at Inspector Sandhu.


Inspector Sandhu & Dr. Sunaina both were ex-college class mates. They both used to love each other a lot during the college days, but after break-up they have sworn that they will not see each other’s faces but see the destiny, the work has again brought them together.


‘Sanmaan, give her the evidence.’ Inspector Sandhu said making a face.


Dr. Sunaina took out various chemicals from her kit, applied it on the legs of the stools and watched the result with a microscope. She took a look at the report she has brought with her.


‘Sukhwindar, this is the stool.’ She said as she finished her testing in 15 minutes.


‘So Ananya madam, now we have a proof that you have killed Muskan. Better you admit yourself, otherwise 3rd degree torture is always there to get you admit everything.’ Inspector Sandhu said in a calm voice.


‘What the hell you are saying Inspector? You have gone mad.’ Ananya tried to be innocent.


‘Remember this stool, which you use to climb on Muskan’s window on that night when Muskan was murdered.’ Inspector Sandhu said looking at Ananya.


‘This is all wrong, I have not murdered Muskan. She was my best friend.’ Muskan said again trying to release herself from the clutches of the two women constable.


‘Shut up! Let me depict the whole story for you.’ Inspector Sandhu said & continued.


“Muskan & Shekhar loves each other. Since Muskan considers Ananya as her best friend, so she shared her every secret with Ananya. Ananya like a best friend helped Muskan in her meetings with Shekhar. Since Muskan’s father had an inherent dislike for Shekhar, so Muskan & Shekhar meets seldom at Ananya’s place when Ananya’s father was out. In these meetings Ananya also started liking Shekhar and since the nature of Shekhar is to be flirtier with every girl, he reprised the same with Ananya. Ananya got into the web created by Shekhar. Her love for Shekhar grown as bacteria grows in the curd. One day Ananya even warned Muskan to stay away from Shekhar. So, the night before yesterday Ananya as a very good planner came with this stool at the time when nobody was at the gate as she knows very well that both the watchman change their duties during that time. She climbed on Muskan’s bedroom window using this stool & got into her room, murdered her using knife as a weapon and ran away within the time span of those 5 minutes. Am, I right Miss Ananya.” Inspector Sandhu said as he finished.


‘How you know this all Inspector? Ananya admitted for the first time.


‘I have come to know all about this love triangle from Muskan’s diary. I have also sent the sample of sand just outside Muskan’s bedroom to the forensic lab for testing. Now over to Dr. Sunaina.’ Inspector Sandhu said & looked towards Dr. Sunaina.


‘Yes & at forensic lab we found “coliform bacteria” in the sand. The same bacteria are still present in the tips of this stool. Even if you wipe the sand from the stool, wash it with detergents then also this bacteria can be detected for another 48 hours.’ Dr. Sunaina said.


‘So Miss Ananya you are under arrest. Where is the crime weapon’ Inspector Sandhu said & ordered the constables to take her.


‘I have hid it under the garden soil, near that Rose plant.’ Ananya said wiping her tears.


‘You are brilliant Sir. Mystery solved.’ Constable Sanmaan Singh said smiling.



‘Hello Inspector Sandhu. This is Dr. Hansraj Awasthi. Can you just come to the forensic lab’ Dr. Awasthi called Inspector Sandhu when he had just started relaxing after solving his 1st case.


‘Is it too urgent Dr.?’ Inspector Sandhu asked sluggishly.


‘Damn, its urgent Inspector. It’s related to Muskan Parikh’s murder case.’ Dr. Awasthi said.


‘I am coming’ Inspector Sandhu said & immediately left for the forensic lab with Constable Sanmaan Singh.



‘What is it Dr.?’ Inspector Sandhu asked anxiously.


‘Drastic turn in the Muskan murder case Inspector. Post mortem clearly says that Ananya is not the real murderer.’ Dr. Awasthi said.


‘What are you saying Dr.?’ Astonished Inspector Sandhu said.

‘Yes, actually Muskan was dead 2 hours before Ananya murdered her.’ Dr. Awasthi said.


‘Twofold murder? But Dr. what is the real reason of her murder?’ Inspector Sandhu asked.


‘She has been killed by a bot fly. Bot flies are peculiar type of flies which grows inside the body of human & animals. It gets the nutrition for its growth in the human body itself and on attaining maturity it rips off the human skin damaging its internal body parts ultimately leading to the death of the human.’ Dr. Awasthi explained.


‘So it is a natural death you want to say.’ Inspector Sandhu asked.


‘No Inspector. Bot flies are not found in India, they are found in Africa & Latin America. So probably somebody had made Muskan swallow the egg of this Bot fly. Are you getting me Inspector….Dr. Awasthi said rolling his hands like a magician.


‘Hmmmm…So Muskan has been murdered. But we have to start from the scratch again.’ Inspector Sandhu said irritatingly.


‘What to do now Sir.’ Constable Sanmaan Singh asked.


‘Bringing insects from outside is not permitted; it requires special permission from government of India. But I strongly think this insect was smuggled from Africa or Latin America. Call our informer Jagdish right now, and ask him to give us the details of all the shopkeepers in Mumbai who sell such unauthorized things.’ Inspector Sandhu ordered.


Constable Sanmaan Singh immediately called Jagdish, the informer. Within few hours Jagdish gave a list of 5 such shopkeepers who for the world are seller of authorized possessions but only few know about their real business.


‘Let’s go Sanmaan’ Inspector Sandhu said immediately.


Inspector Sandhu spent the whole day visiting the shopkeepers. There is one common thing among all the shopkeepers. All of them denied about such illegal possessions first but with Inspector Sandhu taking out his gun & put it on the temple of the shopkeepers, they vent out about their real business like a Parrot. But everyone swore that they do not deal with these types of Insects. One shopkeeper even dared to sell one ancient smuggled statue to Inspector Sandhu who got handcuffs in return.


‘Let us visit the 5th one & the last one. Now this is our last hope Sanmaan. Keep your fingers crossed.’ Inspector Sandhu said crossing his fingers.


‘Tell me do you deal with such insects?’ Inspector Sandhu asked showing the picture of the insect.


‘No sir, I don’t. I am a simple business man dealing with jewelry.’ Shopkeeper said.


‘I have the search warrant. If I tell my constable to search he may dig your floor, glasses may be broken or anything may happen to your jewelry shop. Should I order?’ Inspector Sandhu said with red eyes.


‘Are you trying to frighten me Inspector? I have contacts with big people.’ Shopkeeper tries to scare Inspector Sandhu.


‘What you will do with you big contacts, if I kill you on the spot.’ Inspector Sandhu said taking out his pistol.


‘Put back your Pistol. I don’t like all this.’ Shopkeeper said.


‘Sanmaan I am getting angry now. I am killing this shopkeeper, & Inspector Sandhu put the pistol on Shopkeeper’s temple. He brought his index finger to the trigger slowly.


‘No! No! Please. I admit I keep smuggled possessions but never dealt with this insect. God promise Sir.’ Shopkeeper said.


‘I don’t like lies. Answer me or you will answer God directly.’ Inspector Sandhu said pressing pistol harder on Shopkeeper’s temple.


‘Sir I know I will be jailed now. I also know the sentence for keeping smuggled possessions is same; either I keep smuggled statues or insects. I don’t have any reason to lie.’ Shopkeeper said.


‘Seal this shop & take this idiot to jail.’ Inspector Sandhu said putting handcuffs in shopkeeper’s hands.



‘What are you thinking Sir jee?’ Sanmaan Singh asked driving the Van.


‘Hunnnn….. Just thinking how to proceed in this case now.’ Inspector Sandhu said coming out of series of thoughts.


Just then the phone of Constable Sanmaan Singh rang. He stopped his Van to take the phone. He took out the note pad and wrote something on it.


‘Who is it? Why are you looking so shocked’ Inspector Sandhu asked after Constable Sanmaan Singh ended the call.


‘It’s the informer Jagdish again Sir. He gave us the address of one more shop at Bandra suspected of keeping such smuggled possessions. He is saying he is 100% sure that this shopkeeper has purchased a smuggled Bot fly last week’. With this statement Constable Sanmaan Singh handed over the note to Inspector Sandhu.


‘I can’t believe this. Take me to this shop. Hurry’ Inspector Sandhu said impatiently.


Midway Inspector Sandhu asked Constable Sanmaan Singh to turn his Van towards Mr. Vinay Parikh’s home first.


‘Mr. Parikh home? But why Sir.’ Constable Sanmaan Singh asked.


‘You will come to know about it soon.’ Inspector Sandhu Replied.


On reaching Mr. Parikh’s house, Inspector Sandhu ordered Constable Sanmaan Singh to stay in the Van. He went inside the house and came back after 15 minutes with a winning smile.


Constable Sanmaan Singh knows this typical smile of Inspector Sandhu. He got such smiles only on some accomplishments.


‘Now take me to the shop.’ Inspector Sandhu ordered.


‘As you say Sir.’ Constable Sanmaan Singh repeated his Catchphrase.




Inspector Sandhu stormed into the electronics shop at Bandra with Constable Sanmaan Singh.


‘Namaskar Parikh Jee.’ Inspector Sandhu said folding his hand in dramatic style in front of Muskan’s father.


Informer Jagdish has given the address of none other than Muskan’s father, Mr. Vinay Parikh’s electronics shop at Bandra.


‘Namaskar Inspector. What are you doing here? Want to purchase some electronic stuff?’ Mr. Parikh asked with surprised expressions.


‘No actually, I want to purchase a Bot fly with its egg. How much it will cost?’ Inspector Sandhu asked tapping the counter table.


‘B...B…..Bot fly! What is that?’ Mr. Parikh asked stammering.


‘You don’t know Bot fly? Now remand home will make you recollect about Bot fly.’ Arrest him.’ Inspector Sandhu ordered.


‘But….. But what have I done.’ Mr. Parikh stammered again.


‘You have killed your own daughter. Your counterpart, your South African brother has vented the truth and is now in Police remand. Before coming to your shop, I visited you house and your brother is so innocent that in two slaps he has told the whole truth in one breath. Now do you want to repeat the slap scene with you?’ Inspector Sandhu asked twisting his hands.


‘Yes, I killed my daughter.’ Mr. Parikh started sobbing.


‘She is my step daughter. Her real father has left her with heavy property. I was acting as a care taker only. In case Muskan had got married, this shop & whole property will pass on to her husband, which I can’t bear in any situation. I was just hunting for the right time to kill her. I know Muskan’s habit of writing the diary. I used to read her diary secretly.’ Mr. Parikh paused for a second to take breath.

‘One day I read about “her having fight with Ananya”. I know already, Shekhar and Sachin have threatened to kill Muskan. So, I found no better time to murder her. I have heard about Bot fly, how it develops under human body within one week and it comes out of human body tearing the body parts ultimately leading to death. I planned all this with my brother. He sent me the Bot fly & its eggs. I mixed the eggs in Muskan’s coffee. Bot flies eggs are as small as 2mm. I thought police will be confused among Sachin, Shekhar and Ananya, and I will take the advantage. No college teaches about Bot flies, so I thought even forensic will not be able to spot out, but hats off to your forensic doctors.’ Mr. Parikh said wiping his tears.


‘You bastard. It is the property earned by a father for her daughter, for her bright future. You have killed her on what you have no right. By the way let me tell you, it I will make sure you will get the death sentence. Take him out of my eyes immediately.’ Inspector Sandhu ordered.




Final Scene (At the Forensic Lab)

‘Dr. Awasthi, that idiot murderer Vinay Parikh was praising your skills. Inspector Sandhu said as he had come to thank Dr. Awasthi.


‘Why?’ Dr. Awasthi asked.


‘He was praising you for discerning about the Bot fly.’ Inspector Sandhu said laughing.


‘But it was Dr. Sunaina, not me who knows about the Bot fly. Even she only diagnosed this during the post-mortem.’ Dr. Awasthi said.


‘Oh! Ok.’ Inspector Sandhu took a look at Dr. Sunaina who was busy in her work.


‘Sanmaan Singh! Let’s go for the dinner at Hotel Plaza. Today’s treat from me.’ Inspector Sandhu said.


‘Sir! But today my wife has prepared Birayani for me. I don’t want to annoy her again.’ Constable Sanmaan Singh said.


‘Ok my luck. Today again I have to eat alone in Hotel Plaza.’ Inspector Sandhu raised his voice enough to reach Dr. Sunaina’s ears.


 Dr. Sunaina came near Dr. Awasthi and said,’ Dr. Awasthi! I am leaving for the day and I am not in a mood to cook dinner today, so I am going to Hotel Plaza, would you like to join.’


‘No, actually my wife has also cooked Biryani for me. I also cannot annoy her.’ Dr. Awasthi said bantering as he has understood the situation very well.


‘Dr. Awasthi, I am waiting for somebody in the police Van.’ Dr. Sunaina said as she passed Inspector Sandhu.


Inspector Sandhu winked at Dr. Awasthi & Constable Sanmaan Singh and followed Dr. Sunaina with a smile.


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