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Its about the pain a lover goes through when he misses his beloved.

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012






Delving on the dark side of reality

Far away, living in solitude;

Patching with the new memories evoke

Disoriented, detached & confused.


I love you girl whole heartedly

My emotions are also true.

I feel your love always,

B’coz you trust me, among few.


I miss your smile

I miss your laugh,

So many memories of my love

Can never be called, enough.

Wherever I go, I feel you by my side

I miss you when, my emotions collide.


This craziness of missing you

Screams across my brain,

I love the days when you & me

Walked hands in hands, in the rain.


How much I really miss you

And long to have you near,

My heart is panging in torment

And my eyes are filled with tears.


I try to be busy

But it’s really not easy:

As my mind keeps on striving

Your immanence I’m missing.


Without you, my revered

Every minute I’ve died;

Come fast, warm me in your arms,

Before my soul & breath are void.


I cry tears of blood,

walking alone down the lane

missing someone is really a throe

turning me out , to be insane.


The sweet call of birds

And the moon’s beauty in the night;

Everything has lost it’s adoration,

Missing you in desolation.


Each passing day makes a vague,

Prevailing lonely, without you,

No more words, I can describe

How much I miss & love you.


And ending it with a hopeful note

Wishing to lord to hear my wish;

Send you to me, in front of my eyes

Smiling on me, waiting to hug and apprise.



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