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When a lover stays with by your side you are overwhelmed with the deep love of unrest engraved in you and when she is gone, the whole world seems to be dead.

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012




neesNo taste of Cadbury

can discharge my numbness,

Your odyssey, seeing my heart

has disavowed you, for forgiveness.


It’s really hard to think

on me you were incredule?

Albeit you know very well

I can never betray you.


My love was a growing seed

slowly maturing to equisite bloom

To you, was a degrading need;

 leaving my tears in an empty room.


Your blossom heart of desire

where love nourished in gardens;

My roving soul when went in

was hurt by your vengeance.


This dwindling truth cause my death

of emotion, purity & love

A new birth of qualm & abuse

A cry of rejection, refusal & aversion.

Abhorring to see my face

By you desolates me

No ease, except death now

can set my happiness free.


My life’s rhytm, monopoly and

optimism scattered that day,

When you my intimate, aparted

Looking for a new way.


Crying myself alone to sleep

I hold on to all I have left

We sew and we reap

Burning my, all the zest.


I had fixed my pain

Apprising with my heart to you

My heart’s door being wide enough

Waiting for you, is all they do.


What hold’s me now

Is just a hope, filled with love

You’ll exonerate me one day

Bequeathing me again, with an everlasting love.

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