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A piece of my experiences of life so far!

Submitted: June 24, 2008

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Submitted: June 24, 2008



Sometimes, you experience things,,
Wild, inexplicable, dark..
Yet very true, pure but,,
Momentary, like the end of a spark.
Sometimes, you look into..
A pair of eyes..
Plain, with an unseen glint..
Mysterious, ..
Pretty complacent, with ambiguous hints..
Sometimes, you listen to tales
Sung by the time..
Ticking away…
Melancholic, captivating..yet,
Somehow unwanted, at the end of the day..
Sometimes, life seduces you..
Into its trap..
A secret, it beholds..

You know it,, but are still unaware..

Unaware, till itself it unfolds..
Sometimes, the past comes back..
Disguised to the core..
Smooth as it may look..
But devastating as never before..
Sometimes stories are not ..
What they seem..
Straight, simple and cult..
Omniscient, you may think you are..

But no more than a puppet..

Sometimes, you sense journeys.
To be perfect…
However, after ages..you realize..
How far is the destination..
How..fiery is the ice..
Sometimes… the sudden rain..
Gives pain ..more than respite..
When you get drenched.. but still are dry..
And forced to smile…
And say goodbye..
Sometimes, an unseen voice...
Discovers the real you..
But however hard you try to find..
You are never destined to..
Blessings of such kind…
These “some” times…
Pull out the ambivalent you..
Headstrong and diffident..loud and silent..
And you just don’t know what to do..
Sometimes, perhaps, its better to wait..
Lest life takes you for granted..
Then comes the real fight..
And if you win..only then..
Are you right!

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