Look beyond

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Just look beyond everything. your truth may not be my truth

Submitted: June 24, 2008

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Submitted: June 24, 2008



Walking along the alleys of shadows
Scared, mocked and withered..
Before u fall down..
And die..
Just look up..
Look beyond the shadows.
Look for a LONG while..
You might just see..
An aisle
An aisle to light..
Cos umbra arises, when..
Darkness and light fight.
You ve just seen one and must wait
For the other’s sight.!
Let go off the shackles.
You put on them..
Stop rubbing on..
Those precious gems..
Look beyond relationships…
You might just feel love..
Never it binds…
Or asks to commit..
Just fall ,and
Rise in it..
Swim across..but
Never reach the shore..
It will be just you..
And u will never ask for more.
Look beyond the pain..
The trauma, the fear..
Let go off the past.
Look beyond your tears
You are left with experience...
More sense of sense..
More of prudence..
Look beyond time.
You might just catch..
Few moments..
Which would then become..
Allies..when you are lonesome.
Look beyond Survival...
Upon LIFE you might
Just stumble..
Where you breathe..
Not respire..
Where u enjoy..
Not perspire..
Where you give
Not expect..
Where you forgive and forget..
Where you fall like a waterfall..
Only to move forward
To meet the sea..
Where you are less of you..
And more of we..
Look beyond..the mirage..
you will see your vision..
Just look beyond…
BEYOND beyond..cos..
Beyond never ceases to end!

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