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This is the basis and foundation for all my poetry. In my journal, this is page 1.

Submitted: April 08, 2007

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Submitted: April 08, 2007






Each and every human being

The dead and the living

Was sent to live upon

What is called planet Earth

By the creator of all things

Whose true name is Yahweh

Our heavenly Father


As for the dead

They had their chance

And passed on

But for each and every

Human being alive today

Has the choice

To speak or remain silent


Now mind you this

It does not matter

Which one you choose to do

Simply because it will be used against you

Or for you, in the court of life


And now that your time for choosing has been put before you

Please, I implore you and with all my humbleness beseech you

To choose wisely of the two for it will ultimately mean

The eternal and most final difference

Between signing your death warrant

Or your Life Warrant


Anvil Francis Wallace



Read the words that I have written

Take them unto thy heart for they are

True and Pure


Then you will know what lives deep

Within my heart and soul, this you will

Know for sure

© Copyright 2018 Anvil. All rights reserved.

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