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My thoughts on pre-judgment

Submitted: April 01, 2007

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Submitted: April 01, 2007






It is said that for one to actually see the spoken word

Would be truly impossible to do

For the spoken word is unseen with the naked eye?

Of those that believe that the spoken word

Can only be heard and not seen


I believe that the spoken word

Can be visible to the eyes

Of those that want to see

For it's a know fact that the spoken word

Can be made manifest through the actions

Of the one that first spoke the word


It is then that which was unseen

Has now become seen with the eye

For this manifestation

Is the actual physical seeing of the said

But at first unseen spoken word

This known fact is proven


Nothing exists whole by itself

For everything that exists

Only because and through

The word of Yahweh

Who is also unseen with the naked eye


It is by and through his actions

Has his word been manifest

And established forever

And furthermore

It is only by and through

Yahweh's word alone

He has created

All that is seen

And all that is unseen



Be not opposed to, and reject not my word

Which is spoken unto you

Based on my actions yet unseen on my behalf

That applies to the manifestation

Of my word

Be more than accepting

Of my word which is spoken

Unto you on behalf of the statements

Which proceeded from my mouth


Even though the actions of my word

Yet unseen by you, for if you oppose

And reject my word based upon actions yet unseen by you

And give not my word the chance to manifest through my actions


Then you have with your heart

Already indicted and prosecuted me

Tried and convicted me

Passed judgment upon me

Sentenced and condemned me

Before I without question

Could even speak

My word



Anvil Francis Wallace



© Copyright 2019 Anvil. All rights reserved.

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