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The devil keeps chasing me.

Submitted: March 31, 2007

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Submitted: March 31, 2007






Your soul is more, much more precious than your life could ever be;

Your life expectancy is but a few years, but your soul lives throughout eternity.


YAHWEH the Creator of all things gave unto mankind this most precious gift;

This gift is the wings that give your innermost being its Spiritual Lift.


No human being can profit from your gift, but there is one who can, of him beware;

The one that I speak of is the evil one, also known as the devil, of him take great care.


He will show much love for you to get you to give him your gift, now let me be blunt;

Just before death, you will realize that the love he showed you was just a big front.


You see, the evil one also known as the devil has a heart that is very cold and hard;

Your life means nothing to him, your soul is all he wants, so please stay on guard.


YAHWEH has reserved a place for the evil one, and believe me it's not pretty;

And all the human souls that he persuaded to follow him, YAHWEH will have no pity.


As you live, the devil will make you feel like your friends, and promise you riches untold;

But all the while he's destroying your life in order to totally possess

Only your soul.



Anvil Francis Wallace

© Copyright 2019 Anvil. All rights reserved.

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