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My thoughts about dying and my awakening.

Submitted: March 31, 2007

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Submitted: March 31, 2007






Each day that YAHWEH gives me upon this Earth, I am truly most thankful for;

But soon I must sleep the sleep of death, and thus my life shall be no more.


All that I was, and all that I would have, should have, and or could have been;

Will be lost forever without a trace, just like dust in the wind.


But there is a sure and true way to preserve my life even long after I'm dead;

This sure and true way is through YAHSHUA, this is how I shall live forever instead.


YAHWEH has promised in the scriptures that if I believe in HIM, through his son;

HE will surely raise me up from the grave unto HIM, when it's all said and done.


The breath of life will depart from me soon, and in my grave there I shall sleep;

But as I live I will trust in YAHSHUA'S word, for in my heart it runs ever so deep.


As I live above ground I will always look forward to the promise that YAHWEH made;

For I trust in YAHSHUA with all my heart and my trust in HIM will never ever fade.


Though I'm in my grave, cold and lonely;

I'll be awaiting the promise that only

YAHWEH can make.


Because I truly believe deep within my soul;

That HIS likeness I shall surely behold

When I awake.



Anvil Francis Wallace


© Copyright 2018 Anvil. All rights reserved.

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